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Clothes for dogs

Are you a fashion victim? And your pet? If so, in our online store animals you have all the dog clothes you need. Any garment that you imagine you find it browsing this dog accessories section. However, if in addition to something nice, especially you're looking clothing dog coat , because your animal suffers climate during the winter months, you will also find a huge closet full of coats or raincoats for dogs.

Canine fashion for your dog's paws

As in fashion stores, we have organized our collection of clothes for dogs by type of clothing, and of course also shoes, since you'll be able to find shoes for dogs ideal for your pet, very practical especially when they suffer some ailment on their paws or pads. Actually it's socks or boots for dogs, much friendlier aesthetic than a band, and they can also become more practical, because this type of canine footwear protects and holds the joints, and even non - slip, something very practical for animals with allergies or own rheumatic pains of old age.

The wardrobe of your dog

We've already offered the warm clothes for dogs available in our virtual pet store. But we have much more. You can choose from a wide range of sweaters , pants, jackets and even Dog . Yes, shirts fabrics and various colors, but also with decorative motifs of the most animated, from a memory Tweety to the language of the Rolling. Something that also happens with dresses for dogs we have available, as there is from garments dominated by pastel tones and some memory to lace up with skulls or other dresses skirts tejanas.

And do not believe that all these items are exclusive for smaller pets, also will find different models of clothes for large dogs, because they also have the right to go to the last.

modern and multifunctional clothing

Shirts or sweaters for dogs fulfill two functions, aesthetics and obviously another coat. But there are also garments such as vests for dogs that can still accomplish more. You will see that there are reflective vests, and even that also act lifeguard. And for smaller dogs, they can bring added a handle to grab the dog and lift up our arms if necessary.

Supplements for dogs

As is the case with us, canine look is not complete if you can not add a few accessories for dogs to their wardrobe. Here our offer is also very suggestive. How about some goggles for dogs ? Obviously sunglasses. And speaking of sun, we have hats for dogs, or more formal hats if you prefer. Or why not decorate your collar with a bow tie for dogs ? And for them, a good bond on the head or a scarf as a bandana for dogs.

Dogs underwear

Although not within proper clothing, in this section we will include your nightclothes. That is, we have dog pajamas , for your dog to rest as much as possible sheltered.

And of course we also offer a variety of different models and brands of essential garment: panties for dogs . Especially for females. These knickers are very useful during their zeal and menstruation, preventing inadvertently smearing go through the house. However, there are models of these panties for dogs that are very useful for both males and females, as they are an effective educational resource to teach not make their needs at home.