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Shoes for dogs

Perhaps at first glance may seem an eccentricity buy shoes for dogs and put them above the animal. It is not. Quite the opposite. From our online store animals, we can assure that generally when such accessories for dogs is used primarily by a need related to animal health.
There is both an aesthetic issue, which also may have a case, as a matter of cure or prevention. For example, boots for dogs that prevent bad movements of the joints, and even dog socks for those animals that have grip problems on the pads of their paws.

Variety in the canine footwear

In general any product related to clothing for dogs originally conceived as an element whose use is based on need. That is, the raincoats for dogs avoid getting wet or dog coats get to our pet can not catch a cold. Well, with various types of footwear for dogs occurs the same.

Dog Socks

We have already mentioned that this type of attachment is typically used for dogs that have grip problems in their pads, either by age or by a temporary illness. Socks is there an area whose sole neoprene grip guarantees our animal. Especially in highly polished sandstone floors, which sometimes can be an ordeal for older dogs.

Needless to say, that as in other sections, you are going to see that manufacturers of such products from Ferplast up Hurtta , or from Trixie to Freedog , make models where aesthetics are very important, appearing sometimes real shoes.

Dog boots

One step further into the world of dog shoes are boots. Here the variety is much greater, especially because it has more applications.

For example, there are dog boots that prevent or relieve sprains, there are also cutting surfaces to tread, or must be immobilized much of the leg. Ultimately, as we have said, wearing dog boots must not be a whim. It is necessary to know that it needs our dog.

And any of these perrunas boots can also come to serve as bandages, for example to protect wounds and prevent the dog from licking the affected area. It is a difference compared to socks canines, as these really the dog can remove so much easier, while fixing the boots themselves impossible for them to remove their shoes.

Boots resting and mountain

For example, neoprene boots for dogs Trixie brand for example, can be ideal to heal your pet from injury. One type of footwear that is used both to walk a bit with the animal protection to let him put while he rests in his doghouse. Something that can also be done for example with latex boots Arppe brand.

However, just to give another example, different half boots or anklets made of neoprene by the Ruffwear brand, can be used for example for long walks while hiking with your pet, using them as shoes for dogs with preventive nature of injuries.