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Panties for dogs

Coquetry in pets is something that is fashionable. Seeing a dog using beautiful and creative outfits is quite common today.

In you will find variety of panties for dogs. Choose enfunción your needs and according to the style of your dog.

Panties for dogs

Blue , beige , brown , orange , red and black are some of the most wanted colors panties for dogs. Here you will find: underpants plush dog and panties cotton for dogs . Both are soft materials, making them comfortable for your pet.

For your dog
to become familiar with the use of clothing, is important from puppy go placing these items and it is good to always give the garment so that the dog sniff and become familiar with it, this technique will It helps create a bond of trust with the animal.

Panties for dogs

The pink panties for dogs are the most requested in!

For those interested in this subject, here's a little history. Using panties for dogs emerged after being used by males. This was a dog defendant article, but gradually was becoming a coquettish perritas ideal for four - legged outfit.

Panties zeal

Another clothing, functional and very prized are panties for zeal. These have two purposes:

The first is to protect the possibility females mate during this period in which the male reproductive instinct wakes up strongly.

The second purpose is
to maintain hygiene. Panties for dogs in heat will help keep the house clean by preventing drops of blood falling to the ground.

Culottes for small dogs are kind of panties with an opening in the queue. They are widely used for travel, they allow the diaper. They also are used for playback control as impeding the mating of dogs.

In you can separate perritas culottes to find some colors and designs that also fit males.