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Trixie is a German brand specializing in accessories for pets in general, whether articles of clothing, nutritional supplements, toys, hygiene care, feeders, cages and kennels, antiparasitic, belts for all types of animals are dogs, cats, birds , rodents or reptiles, with a wide variety of accessories of all kinds with a clear mission, make more comfortable people peacefully coexist with animals in the home. Exporting and be a leader in accessories in more than 40 countries with more than 7000 references in pet accessories.


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  • Published by on 09/06/2024

    good price .like it

  • Published by Maike on 12/02/2024

    I have big mail cat-he hunts all: seagull, sparrows, little lap dogs- no matter of size-last time he tried to catch wild pigeon (being on leash) -I wasn’t sure in this product -but it stopped -everybody where safe and this product survived of course my cat was disappointed but the wild hunt isn’t ok -he has food to eat- soo I do recommend it -if it stopped 8 kg cat -it’s the proof it works -of course every time -going out make sure You control every part of it so it won’t fell off ;)

  • Published by Mi on 17/10/2023

    Really like it, my cat supper love this one. I want to order again but it's not in stock yet. So you know how I and my cat love it

  • Published by Ellie on 27/02/2023

    Perfect size for a Netherland dwarf and he loves that it has 2 doors.

  • Published by Hailie T. on 16/12/2022

    Great size for a Syrian hamster

  • Published by Monica on 01/12/2022

    Dogs loved them

  • Published by Margaret Siwek on 23/11/2022

    Great natural repellent!

  • Published by Melanie Beavis on 04/11/2022

    product as described

  • Published by Michelle on 03/11/2022

    These toys are great, my cat can’t get enough of playtime with them.

  • Published by Hailie T. on 23/10/2022

    Super cute! Perfect size for a dwarf hamster.

  • Published by on 10/08/2022

    This is brilliant grass. Sprouts so quickly!

  • Published by REGINA F. on 04/07/2022

    Very nice toy, my t-cup yorki love it

  • Published by Caroline N. on 20/06/2022

    my dog loves the ball to play with

  • Published by Kent Kent on 12/05/2022

    Just normal and small plate.

  • Published by Melanie on 23/04/2022

    Able to handle tug, easy to throw and easy to find

  • Published by Snezana K. on 23/03/2022

    It’s working good. My cat like the rug.

  • Published by Sungeun Hong on 02/02/2022

    It certainly helps my cat use his paws

  • Published by Sungeun Hong on 02/02/2022

    Well received without any damages, and it's good for my cat to spend time when I am not home

  • Published by Maike on 08/12/2021

    I wish it was less electrical (it gets electric and pulls fur on it) but in generally it works. At least looks cute.

  • Published by Maike on 08/12/2021

    Good-for cats who are active.

  • Published by Lena S. on 30/11/2021

    Bra service, rekommenderas

  • Published by Lisa on 28/10/2021

    Perfect, and great price

  • Published by Lisa on 28/10/2021

    Used these for my 2 baby cornsnakes, they love them!

  • Published by דניאל שניידר on 23/10/2021

    my cat love it is

  • Published by Liva V. on 07/10/2021

    Easy to set up, looks as promised. I'm satisfied

  • Published by Liva V. on 07/10/2021

    Much smaller than described. And is not even near as good quality as the picture promises. Will not buy again

  • Published by Dawna on 27/08/2021

    I love it and parakeets loves it thank you miscota

  • Published by Sarah Jean on 25/08/2021

    The basket itself came damaged on the top part of wicker, but is still fully functioning. I will not be returning it or taking any action. This basket is literally a third of the price of all the ones I see on Etsy and I plan on spray painting it black anyway. Overall I am pleased and would purchase again.

  • Published by Eoz Zoe on 02/07/2021

    real good for all birds

  • Published by Fernanda on 31/03/2021

    This is a very good quality products. My pet loved it. It's big and perfect fitted.

  • Published by Martina on 31/03/2021

    Easy install and clean and comfortable for you pet

  • Published by Brandee Burris on 09/03/2021

    This is such an amazing product I highly recommend my gerbils love it and so do my hamsters actually about 5 phone for only a hundred bucks and that is a really really great deal I love it my gerbils are hamsters it keep them entertained

  • Published by on 03/02/2021

    My cats love it.

  • Published by Niamh N. on 31/01/2021

    tough, fun, he enjoys it

  • Published by Juliana on 01/01/2021

    I like it but the wood is not very good quality. Some bits of the wood will come off very easily if you pull them. It’s good for the price

  • Published by Juliana on 01/01/2021

    Lovely little house. If you need a natural small house for your dwarf this is perfect

  • Published by Carlos Turan on 07/11/2020

    Super kvalitet god metariel

  • Published by Carlos Turan on 07/11/2020

    Super flot og godt kvalitets

  • Published by Layth on 31/08/2020

    Its very helpful and has no bad smell

  • Published by akram alhasan on 22/06/2020

    Very very good 100%

  • Published by Kirsten A. on 23/05/2020

    I use a pincet indtraf of this

  • Published by Kirsten A. on 23/05/2020

    Perfect fit for the old one

  • Published by Martina on 16/05/2020

    Great pool cover goes over even the biggest pool

  • Published by Martina on 16/05/2020

    great swim ball

  • Published by Fahda on 12/05/2020

    My dogs didn’t even smell it

  • Published by Fahda on 12/05/2020

    Good taste my dogs like it

  • Published by Jenny F. on 03/03/2020

    My cats love these treats

  • Published by on 25/02/2020

    My cat loves this puzzle, keeps him entertained for hours. It's not an easy puzzle though, even with the larger holes my other cat couldn't figure it out

  • Published by Martina on 24/11/2019

    Great value and excellent drying easy wash

  • Published by Joanne H. on 07/10/2019

    Balls last really well and dogs love them

  • Published by Ashley M. on 22/09/2019

    It’s ok, rather small but it does the trick

  • Published by Ashley M. on 22/09/2019

    My hamster loves walking up and down this bendy bridge. It helped take up less space than the cages actual ramp.

  • Published by Ashley M. on 22/09/2019

    My gerbils love this ledge and it keeps their food and treats out of the bedding so it doesn’t get buried.

  • Published by Ashley M. on 22/09/2019

    Amazing size, fits both gerbils and adult syrian hamsters perfectly.

  • Published by on 12/08/2019

    My pet pig outdoor

  • Published by Ineta on 09/06/2019

    Lovely toy makes cats very relax and happy

  • Published by Danielle H. on 03/03/2019

    While the wheel is good quality, I don't recommend it for chinchillas as it is way too small.

  • Published by САША �. on 20/02/2019


  • Published by Maya B. on 14/11/2018

    great size for a 6 kg dog

  • Published by Angels on 07/11/2018

    Best travel bag I had for my cat, so far. It's comfortable both for you and your pet. The base is soft but also super strong.

  • Published by Janessa on 30/10/2018

    Lightweight and of a good size for Syrians

  • Published by Janessa on 29/10/2018

    Lightweight despite the size! My robo likes this.

  • Published by Brenda on 23/10/2018

    Excellent, good quality and made from strong plastic to support the larger dog, mine's a German Shepherd and loves her new bed!

  • Published by Odile M. on 18/07/2018

    Mon chinchilla adore

  • Published by Ng A. on 03/07/2018

    Nice wheel, light weight, silent and save space in their cage

  • Published by Agnes on 19/06/2018

    Nice little bowls for my cat. I got the 10cm one's , and they are perfect for my cat.

  • Published by julien on 23/04/2018

    Wouldn't go for a drive without it. Easy to clean and great value!

  • Published by PETER H. on 05/04/2018

    My dog wuffed these down

  • Published by Rita R. on 27/03/2018

    Good quality cat toy

  • Published by Yaniv on 01/02/2018


  • Published by Mary on 02/01/2018

    My Cavapoo loves this toy. It has a tail and she will swing and fling the ball part by the tail. It’s perfect for her size which is about 9lbs. I couldn’t find these in the USA so I ordered them from Miscota. It took awhile to get her but we’ll worth the wait and they arrived before Christmas.

  • Published by on 14/06/2016

    Trying to ensure that a dog gets all the vitamins they need can be difficult, but my 2 collies love taking their bacon flavoured vitamins.

  • Published by Poul Lykke J. on 27/04/2016

    Good holder for carrots for my budgies, easy to set up, and easy to clean.
    affordable, and can therefore highly recommended by all who have budgerigars.

  • Published by Alan on 27/04/2016

    This makes a super bird toy, our bird plays with it for hours ,he loves to carry it around and shaking it to get it to make a noise.
    Many Thanks.

  • Published by C SHAW on 16/03/2016

    My budgie loves this mirror perch. However he cannot resist pecking away at the wooden sides of the perch near the mirror. This is the third one I have bought and it won't be the last. He has already made a start on pecking away at the wooden spindle. They do not cost much & I love to see him happy so I will order again when necessary.

  • Published by on 14/03/2016

    Only small, but my cat loved playing with it! Most toys require a bit of owner interaction, but not this one as the cat plays with the mouse all by hisself.

  • Published by Emma L. on 09/03/2016

    My cats love this. They throw it around, carry it around and then drop it at my feet as a gift. They have lots of toys but this seems to be their favourite. I will be buying another when I next make an order.

  • Published by Jennifer F. on 04/03/2016

    Absolutely brilliant wee toys, my kittens love them to bits and they are surprisingly well made for how little they cost. Hours of fun has been had with these little mice, they are the first thing my kittens and older cats look for when they wake up feeling playful. Will definitely buy again when they are worn out.

  • Published by Janet T. on 28/01/2016

    This came to me as a free gift when I purchased my usual dry cat food and has been a great success with my Siamese Cat, he loves the Trixie Ball so much he carries it around with him and growls if you try and take it off him!!

  • Published by karen m. on 21/12/2015

    Brilliant, my 16 year old Jack Russell gets tired lately so to keep walking we needed to find an answer and this was perfect. He is 8kg exactly and fits in it. I wouldn't try to put a dog bigger than this in it, he has just enough room. Haven't tried walking with it as yet just tried it in the house.

  • Published by Paola S. on 18/12/2015

    My cats are too old for this kind of toy but the kitten who lives in the house next to mine loves it!

  • Published by Laura R. on 01/12/2015

    Great toothpaste, large size and very cheap. Dogs like it too! Would purchase this brand again! Doesn't smell too strong and isn't dangerous for animals no matter how much is consumed.

  • Published by Laura R. on 01/12/2015

    Great toothpaste, large size and very cheap. Dogs like it too! Would purchase this brand again! Doesn't smell too strong and isn't dangerous for animals no matter how much is consumed.

  • Published by Kristina R. on 20/10/2015

    Super delicious and healthy pasta! My rabbits favourite healthy treat! She is crazy about it! Good for digestion and fur, and overalll wellbeing as well.

  • Published by on 05/10/2015

    Very nice double-side background for the outside of the tank. It adds depth and colour. Existing plants and ornaments stand out and is an enormous improvement on bare glass, cables and wallpaper.

  • Published by on 21/08/2015

    This harness is fab. I have one each for both my dogs, it doesn't choke them when they pull and has a handle at the top which I have found very handy when needing to control them at a short distance

  • Published by Cristina C. on 08/07/2015

    Buen acabado, pero muy bajito. Pensé en usarlo como bebedero, pero no sirve más que para comedero.

  • Published by Krys B. on 17/06/2015

    Sturdy product which fits on the side of my indoor hutch perfectly. All the mess is kept on the inside of the hutch, not all over the floor.

  • Published by Laura C. on 01/05/2015

    Used these for the long trip home (8hours) after I picked up my puppy. Great at absorbing puppy pee!

  • Published by Alina S. on 15/04/2015

    Tried many different hay feeders, none helped. Chinchilla either wont eat from them or will take everything out and make a mess. This one is great! Chinchilla eats from it without making a mess all over cage and also its fun for him to sit on and chew the wood as well. Will definitely be repurchasing this when old one wears down.

  • Published by Alina S. on 01/04/2015

    Very nice thing to keep my chinchilla entertained. Can be refilled with hay. Its a long term investment in pets fun.

  • Published by Jane R. on 25/03/2015

    Poodles loved them, be good if they did them in a bigger size.................................................................

  • Published by Sue H. on 24/03/2015

    Very good, they dry the dogs very quickly, just a bit big for my cavaliers I could have done with the smaller size but I think it was out of stock

  • Published by Barbro L. on 27/01/2015

    Bags are ok

    I wonder why I had to pay shipping cost. You offer free shipping cost when I buy for 699 SEK
    BUT I had to pay shipping cost though I bought for a sum over 700 SEK
    Looking forward to an answer. Barbro Larssonordernr MIS-237612

  • Published by Haleh L. on 19/01/2015

    Perfect for scratching and perfect for sleeping on as well. They love it and it takes very little space. Great service and quick delivery too +++

  • Published by on 19/01/2015

    recommended for shorter trips of up to 1 hour because the compartment is smaller than the conventional carry cases. my kitten is medium sized and fits comfortably inside and can move around but I would imagine that it would be restrictive for a larger cat. high quality construction.

  • Published by on 19/01/2015

    secure, and comfortable harness. my kitten prefers to walk without so it is important for the harness to be strong and adjustable until she gets used to it. quality product.

  • Published by Justyna M. on 12/01/2015

    Great bed and scratching place for my cat.Good quality product. Colour going well I my daughter pink room. Cat seems happy with it.

  • Published by Justyna M. on 12/01/2015

    It's great my kitten love it.Looks nice on the wall as well-fitted in my daughter room.
    Good quality product. Fast postage. Thanks a lot!

  • Published by paula s. on 05/01/2015

    I know we got this free with an order but I expected it to last more than one trip out! My ladbrador got hold hold of it and ripped it to pieces in seconds!

  • Published by martin h. on 02/01/2015

    dog doesn't like them .. they were given as a freebie, but they are of poor quality and will not be using them

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    my kitten is interested in chasing this but it got lost somewhere in the house and cannot find it. it takes alot for the food to fall out so she didn't notice the snack falling out so was distracted by other things.

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    picture is misleading. the tower is four stories (not two). cat likes to scratch the sisal and occasionally will enter the chambers but maybe will be more interested when it becomes older. at the moment my kitten prefers my lap.

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    too big and cumbersome for my kitty. maybe ok if for a large cat. the nylon is stiff and does not curve adequately for a comfortable fit. at the smallest size my kitten could fit its jaw under the chin section and cause discomfort.

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    perfect size and shape for small cat or kitten. color is neutral and suits most decors. easy to clean. maybe the larger size is useful for a bigger cat.

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    this spray didn't get a positive response from my kitten. i sprayed one toy and not the other and she preferred to play with the one without. maybe when dry it has better effect.

  • Published by Anželika L. on 17/12/2014

    Great environment enrichment for any rabbit. And it's really large. Cover on the top makes refill very easy.

  • Published by Sarah A. on 17/10/2014

    My elderly hamster Yogi loves these - the first thing he grabs when he goes to his food dish. Was worried he wasn't getting enough protein so these are ideal , easy for me and nutritious for him.

  • Published by Sarah A. on 17/10/2014

    This is a must for guinea pigs - they squealed with excitement when I first put it in their playpen and whenever I enter the room one of them is always lying inside. They seem to like hiding in it more than nibbling it - but if one of the rabbits jumps in the pen the first thing they do is have a good gnaw.

  • Published by Denise G. on 13/10/2014

    It was much smaller than I thought, so my cat couldn't fit in the bed on top, but I gave
    the bottom part to my sisters cat, and he loved the scrfatch post. I think it is meant
    for a small kitten really. I was a bit disappointed, and I had to buy a bigger one after.
    It wasn't anybodies fault but my own for not measuring it properly. Miscota were brilliant in
    every way.

  • Published by Maxine S. on 24/09/2014

    My Rabbit harry loves these treats they have got dried carrots on the top he eats it till there is nothing left. ! The bowl itself is made of dries carrot and hay its a healthy treat and good for there teeth.

  • Published by Nikki T. on 15/09/2014

    I bought this for my 3 yorkshire terriers. They don't moult but because i'm disabled I can't bathe them as often as I used to so this is the next best thing for removing any lose hair etc. They love it, I can see the contentment on their little faces whilst i'm grooming them, as good as a good old scratch & massage together. Definitley a great buy from a fantastic company. Only took 4 days to arrive as well!

  • Published by MARILIA B. on 14/05/2014

    All small treats I've bought seem to have great taste but don't make my cat chew them.She only swallows.They are good only for vitamin supply.

  • Published by MARILIA B. on 30/04/2014


  • Published by Andrea G. on 27/03/2014

    A great harness, great value, comfortable for dogs and the grab handle on the top is a great feature.

  • Published by EIRINI M. on 27/03/2014

    my cat actually loves it... he is meowing to give it and purring every time he smells it... absolutely fantastic!

  • Published by Haleh L. on 17/03/2014

    The cats love this new scratching post as their old one was too big and not used much. Excellent service and guidance from Miscota also.

  • Published by ALEXANDROS X. on 19/02/2014

    Παρα πολυ καλο σαμπουαν!
    Μυριζει υπεροχα!
    Καθαριζει υπεροχα!
    Κανει το τριχωμα πιο λαμπερο και υγιες!

  • Published by ALEXANDROS X. on 19/02/2014

    Very good product!
    Very good product!

    Very good product!

    Very good product!

  • Published by ALEXANDROS X. on 07/02/2014

    Very good product!
    And connected to the toothbrushes pulls out a wonderful effect on dental health of my dog​​!

  • Published by ALEXANDROS X. on 07/02/2014

    Very good product!
    And connected to the toothbrushes pulls out a wonderful effect on dental health of my dog​​!

  • Published by ALEXANDROS X. on 07/02/2014

    Is very thin for me and notches not so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very good price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Published by Ljubov L. on 25/12/2013

    our dog loves it. perfect size and very soft. Despite that it is very light in colour,it doesn't get dirty. the outer bottom part has a very nice lining that doesn't ruin the floor.

  • Published by Ljubov L. on 25/12/2013

    very nice texture and doesn't dry up the dog skin and fur. Very nice tender scent of apricot. The dog fur after the use was very fluffy and volumed, also gives the fur a very nice soft touch

  • Published by Ljubov L. on 25/12/2013

    great stand, very comfortable for the dog and can be adjusted.Totally recommend for any breed(we have a very small puppy and were afraid that this stand would be too big for him but it can be adjusted for any size of dog.)

  • Published by Clare T. on 16/12/2013

    A perfect cosy bed my puppy loves it he feels warm and safe a very good buy I would highly recommend .

  • Published by Oliver S. on 18/11/2013

    I suspect my cocker destroyed his last bed cos didn´t like it much. Hope this one lasts longer otherwise I´ll make him sleep on the floor

  • Published by John C. on 18/11/2013

    My westy likes it so I like it :-) she took all her toys to the bed and stays there chewing them for hours while i´m away

  • Published by John C. on 18/11/2013

    Helps me to keep my sofa as a hair-free zone ... something I´ve dreamt of for a long time ! try it, honestly, it works

  • Published by Robert R. on 18/11/2013

    It´s a great brush cos helps me to keep my sofa as a hair-free zone. Furthermore, looks like my dog enjoys it !

  • Published by Eleni Z. on 02/10/2013

    Good quality, very handy and meets the demands of the airline companies I have traveled with.
    My cat is quite big and still he was quite comfortable in there. He loved that he could look all around.
    It would get a fifth star if the straps holding the backpack at a horizontal position were a bit ore resistant.

  • Published by Helen C. on 26/08/2013

    Not as good as some others i have tried previously, quite weak in its initial effects, my cat just didn't respond to it without some coaxing.

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