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Trixie Toys and Activities

Trixie is a German brand specializing in accessories for pets in general, whether articles of clothing, nutritional supplements, toys, hygiene care, feeders, cages and kennels, antiparasitic, belts for all types of animals are dogs, cats, birds , rodents or reptiles, with a wide variety of accessories of all kinds with a clear mission, make more comfortable people peacefully coexist with animals in the home. Exporting and be a leader in accessories in more than 40 countries with more than 7000 references in pet accessories.

Toys and Activities

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  • Published by Michelle on 03/11/2022

    These toys are great, my cat can’t get enough of playtime with them.

  • Published by REGINA F. on 04/07/2022

    Very nice toy, my t-cup yorki love it

  • Published by Sungeun Hong on 02/02/2022

    It certainly helps my cat use his paws

  • Published by Sungeun Hong on 02/02/2022

    Well received without any damages, and it's good for my cat to spend time when I am not home

  • Published by Maike on 08/12/2021

    Good-for cats who are active.

  • Published by Kirsten A. on 23/05/2020

    Perfect fit for the old one

  • Published by Martina on 16/05/2020

    Great pool cover goes over even the biggest pool

  • Published by Martina on 16/05/2020

    great swim ball

  • Published by on 25/02/2020

    My cat loves this puzzle, keeps him entertained for hours. It's not an easy puzzle though, even with the larger holes my other cat couldn't figure it out

  • Published by Ineta on 09/06/2019

    Lovely toy makes cats very relax and happy

  • Published by Rita R. on 27/03/2018

    Good quality cat toy

  • Published by Alan on 27/04/2016

    This makes a super bird toy, our bird plays with it for hours ,he loves to carry it around and shaking it to get it to make a noise.
    Many Thanks.

  • Published by on 14/03/2016

    Only small, but my cat loved playing with it! Most toys require a bit of owner interaction, but not this one as the cat plays with the mouse all by hisself.

  • Published by Emma L. on 09/03/2016

    My cats love this. They throw it around, carry it around and then drop it at my feet as a gift. They have lots of toys but this seems to be their favourite. I will be buying another when I next make an order.

  • Published by Jennifer F. on 04/03/2016

    Absolutely brilliant wee toys, my kittens love them to bits and they are surprisingly well made for how little they cost. Hours of fun has been had with these little mice, they are the first thing my kittens and older cats look for when they wake up feeling playful. Will definitely buy again when they are worn out.

  • Published by Janet T. on 28/01/2016

    This came to me as a free gift when I purchased my usual dry cat food and has been a great success with my Siamese Cat, he loves the Trixie Ball so much he carries it around with him and growls if you try and take it off him!!

  • Published by Paola S. on 18/12/2015

    My cats are too old for this kind of toy but the kitten who lives in the house next to mine loves it!

  • Published by Haleh L. on 19/01/2015

    Perfect for scratching and perfect for sleeping on as well. They love it and it takes very little space. Great service and quick delivery too +++

  • Published by Justyna M. on 12/01/2015

    Great bed and scratching place for my cat.Good quality product. Colour going well I my daughter pink room. Cat seems happy with it.

  • Published by Justyna M. on 12/01/2015

    It's great my kitten love it.Looks nice on the wall as well-fitted in my daughter room.
    Good quality product. Fast postage. Thanks a lot!

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    my kitten is interested in chasing this but it got lost somewhere in the house and cannot find it. it takes alot for the food to fall out so she didn't notice the snack falling out so was distracted by other things.

  • Published by on 23/12/2014

    picture is misleading. the tower is four stories (not two). cat likes to scratch the sisal and occasionally will enter the chambers but maybe will be more interested when it becomes older. at the moment my kitten prefers my lap.

  • Published by Denise G. on 13/10/2014

    It was much smaller than I thought, so my cat couldn't fit in the bed on top, but I gave
    the bottom part to my sisters cat, and he loved the scrfatch post. I think it is meant
    for a small kitten really. I was a bit disappointed, and I had to buy a bigger one after.
    It wasn't anybodies fault but my own for not measuring it properly. Miscota were brilliant in
    every way.

  • Published by Haleh L. on 17/03/2014

    The cats love this new scratching post as their old one was too big and not used much. Excellent service and guidance from Miscota also.

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