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Tunnels for Rabbits

Tunnels for Rabbits are the best choice for fun and physical activity that needs your pet for your good health and wellness.

In our online shop can get a variety of Rabbits tunnels, bridges, stairs and many more items for playing time.

We have several types of tunnels for Rabbits , among which are:

  • Rabbits tunnels cereals


Fun and food! Tunnels cereals Rabbits are ideal for your pet to play. In addition, thanks to its natural fiber materials, starch, cereal and carrot you can gnaw without danger.

  • Tunnels game Rabbits


The tunnels play Rabbits will give a rest area, shelter and fun to your pet. You can use them indoors or outdoor areas thanks to their materials and not have to worry about ventilation inside.

  • Tunnels grass


Tunnels grass Rabbits are ideal for your pet to hide, play, eat and rest. They are made with 100% natural so your pet friend is in no danger if eat it .

To your pet you love to have its own zone of rest, comfort and fun; the tunnels for Rabbits meet this. Encourages play prizes placing inside the tunnel or the other end, so you will activate physically.

Do not miss the opportunity to pamper you with our pet products .