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Accessories for rabbits

Your rabbit cage is your home. The place where you have to feel the animal as made possible. That is the only way to be a good pet, healthy and lively. So the cages and rabbit farms must have a series of accessories that make much more entertaining your day.

If you are wondering how you can get that, you're in the right place. In our shop online animals we can offer you all kinds of accessories for rabbits, some of which should never miss in your cage.

Basics in the stands for rabbits

If we refer to the basics, we're obviously talking about what linked to the basic needs of the animal. Ie, eat and sleep.

The feeders for rabbits and you will have noticed that are always out of the cage. Why? Because if not shatter their teeth constantly need to iron out. And the same happens with the troughs for rabbits, which are placed on the outside of the cage and the animal only has access to a stainless steel nozzle that can not break or hurt her.

Rabbits are not rodents but also have teeth that never stop growing. For that reason there is a kind of exclusive feeder hay to nibble both wearing her teeth naturally. That is, if we want to avoid problems with your teeth and health at the end, you can never miss the hay among the ingredients of the food for rabbits.

And as for their hours of dreams, we also have different types of beds for rabbits . Like any mammal, the rabbit wants to sleep as comfortably as possible to achieve greater relaxation. So these beds or hammocks always have to be fluffy and appropriate to their size, as are the place with the most hours of occupation inside homes for rabbits, animals that spend many, many hours sleeping.

For fun rabbits

Sometimes the rabbit hutches also called parks. And as we have said, within it should have everything you need to be happy. And of course it is essential to eat and sleep well, but it is also necessary and beneficial to have a little fun, and if possible exercising to avoid obesity problems.

For that reason many of the toys for rabbits are designed to cause these small mammals to move a little in the cage, not only do we draw the moments that abroad.

With that goal can make a small park with a ramp or stairs, and of course also small caves for rabbits . We must not forget that rabbits are nocturnal animals and do not like too light. And in nature are prey to many predators, ie are born with fear and a strong sense of caution. So tunnels for rabbits in their cages, are always a refuge to which love to go.