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Dog Leashes, Harnesses & Headcollars

Dog Leashes, Harnesses & Headcollars

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Collars, leashes, harnesses and tethers become essential items for any dog ​​owner. Essential for two reasons. The first reason is legal, since we can not go with our loose, except pet in places in the countryside, and even then everywhere because for example in protected as national parks or natural places must also be restrained with a leash dog.

On the other hand this type of accessories, especially the tethers and harnesses for dogs are essential for good education of our animal, especially at the beginning of coexistence when you have to make clear patterns of behavior so that the relationship between owner and pet is correct and can endure.

Training collars

You will see that in our online store animals have an extensive section for education and training of dogs . Here we show all kinds of resources such as the bark control systems , use of apports, prizes in the form of tasty snacks, dog whistles and of course a variety of dog training collars. Collars that are often more than that because they have some tethers and harness some dogs.

Halters for dogs

Let's start differentiating between what a halter and what a harness. Ronzal has been used traditionally for holding that placed him at the head of the horses to guide and govern. That idea has been adapted to the head and canine snout, even for all sizes. For example if you see a catalog of tethers of Beaphar , you will find that this article for dogs is available for copies of any breed and size.

So with the idea of ronzal is available an excellent tool for training, especially with the aim of having a collar anti-pulls. While sometimes these items can also serve simultaneously muzzle for dogs, which also helps in their education.

Dog Harnesses

And as harnesses, we are talking about a subject that is attached to the neck, chest and ribs of the animal. Although sometimes it is founded with the idea of ronzal, as in the case of harness Easy Walk .

The purpose of the classic harness is securely fastened to have much strength for when you place the animal, making the one hand hold up well his drive and on the other reduce the chances of damage you can always have a severe pull on a leash attached to a collar. That is, is a harness anti-pulls. You will see that brands as Halti also offers this type of restraint for any type of dog, for large and medium and small.

Training bibs

A step beyond the anti-pulling harness or straps also training dogs you can find in our shop virtual dogs. Here you will find items for the most demanding canine education. This is the case for example of training Dickies brand Arquivet . With them you can achieve professional training and for dogs that not only must behave correctly, but may even play a social role such as guide dogs or police.