Easy Walk Anti-Strap Harness Black

The Easy Walk® Harness is designed to gently prevent dogs from pulling when walking on a leash. Unlike traditional collars and harnesses, the Easy Walk® Harness does not cause strangling, choking or coughing, as the chest strap rests in a low ...


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  • S 98kr.
  • M 118kr.
  • L 130kr.

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Features Easy Walk Anti-Strap Harness Black

  • Reference729849132399
  • SizeXS, XL, S, L, M
  • ColorsBlack
  • BrandEasy Walk
  • MaterialsPoliéster
  • Product TypeHarness
  • TypeTraining

Description Easy Walk Anti-Strap Harness Black

Customer Reviews Easy Walk Anti-Strap Harness Black

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me encanta, justo lo que necesitaba, mucho mejor que el de marca Halti


le impide tirar, cumple su cometido


Muy recomendable, hemos pasado de que nos saque mi perra a nosotros a tirones, a disfrutar todos del paseo.

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