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Dental care for Small Animals

Dental care for Small Animals

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Dental Care for Rabbits

Dental Care for Rabbits is a fundamental aspect
of their health and wellbeing, but they do not require cleaning should be supervised to prevent dental overgrowth which could lead to various problems in your teeth.

The teeth of the rabbit grow throughout their life because they are open root, usually progressive growth of these ranging from 2 to 3 mm per week is why you should wear them either hay or a special toy dental care rabbit .

You need not give your pet for the proper wear of their teeth they grow excessively and may hurt you . Overgrowth of the incisors can cause twist and hurt your lips or gums.

In the case of molars, the overgrowth can generate the appearance of peaks in the teeth hurting the tongue and cheek producing painful ulcers. Both cases prevent your pet can feed on the best way.

For this reason it is important dental care for rabbits, we recommend using hays and toys teeth Rabbits can find in our online store

Our toys teeth Rabbits:

  • Straw toys for Rabbits

The toys straw for Rabbits are ideal to help the dental health of your pet and also the fun. These products come in various forms and are specifically made for your pet to gnaw responsible for everything you want without danger. Healthy teeth and fun!

  • Wooden toys for Rabbits

The wooden toys for Rabbits will give your pet wear you need for your teeth, thus preventing excessive growth. They are made with 100% tree bark so it is no danger to your rabbit.

  • Rabbits chews

The teethers for Rabbits are great for your pet's teeth are made of non - toxic and biodegradable natural components.

  • Rabbits sticks for teeth

The sticks for teeth Rabbits are made from natural wood and / or ingredients that also help wear their teeth to their nutrition.

  • Mineral stones for Rabbits

The mineral stones for Rabbits are ideal for your pet to take care of your teeth gnawing and wear. They also contain vitamins and minerals complementary feeding your pet.