Cunipic Floradigest Rodents

Restoring agent for the intestinal flora. Food Supplement for Rodents. The intestinal flora has several functions, such as defending the bowel from infections, helping in the digestion of some food and forming some nutrients that help the body to wor ...


  • 50 GR 105kr. 2.100kr./KG

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  • x1 105kr. 105kr./unit
  • x2 -2kr. 208kr. 103kr. last unit
  • x3 -3kr. 312kr. 102kr. last unit
  • x5 -5kr. 520kr. 100kr. last unit

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Features Cunipic Floradigest Rodents

  • Reference8437006583329
  • Weight50 GR
  • BrandCunipic
  • FormatPowder
  • TypePrebiotics and probiotics
  • Small Animal TypeRabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Degus and Gerbils, Chinchillas, Squirrels

Description Cunipic Floradigest Rodents

Customer Reviews Cunipic Floradigest Rodents

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una de mis cobayas sufre obstrucciones ocasionales, y es perfecto para después de recuperarse de ellas

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