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Snacks for Rabbits

Give your pet a prize or consiéntela with snacks for Rabbits we have available in our online store , they serve as added to their regular diet.

The Rabbits are delicious snacks for your palate and complement the diet of your pet due to its nutritional value with vitamins and minerals ideal for your well - being also contribute to proper growth and digestive functioning.

However, keep in mind that rabbits do not replace snacks for your healthy daily diet, so you should only use them as a reward or occasionally.

In our online shop can get a variety of snacks Rabbits can give your consent at the time more like.

  • Snacks alfalfa for Rabbits


The snack alfalfa for Rabbits is a kind of treat for your pet so it is very rich for your taste, contains nutrients and fiber that help in feeding your pet especially after illness or surgery, it promotes appetite and combats anemia.

It should only be fed as a gift because it is rich in calcium can lead to excess calcium building up in the bladder. It also has protein, minerals, fiber and vitamins.

  • Snacks dandelion for Rabbits

The snack dandelion for Rabbits is super healthy and delicious for your pet. It contains vitamins and minerals to help you strengthen your immune system and natural defenses.

Herbs dandelion reinforce the natural defenses of your pet. Also they act as a diuretic and helps eliminate toxins from the blood.

  • Mountain leaves for Rabbits


Snack Food leaves Rabbits mountain to help your pet better digestion, plus they are a low-calorie treat.

  • Sticks for Rabbits

The bars for Rabbits are ideal for tooth wear your pet, they gradually grow every day throughout your life so to reach a maximum length could get hurt. They are healthy and have a wide variety of seeds, herbs, cereals and fruits.

  • Chips for Rabbits

These tasty chips for Rabbits are crispy and delicious to the palate of your pet is as a snack or as a supplement to your diet. We have a variety of flavors and ideal combinations and all contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  • Drops for Rabbits

The drops for rabbits are a delicious snack with unique flavors for your pet fortified with vitamins.

  • Cookies for Rabbits


The biscuits Rabbits are the ideal diet for your pet supplement, they will also serve you as a reward for when trying to train her . They are made from dehydrated fruit and vegetables together with the accompanying favorite guinea pigs.

  • Sticks for Rabbits


The sticks for Rabbits are one of the favorite treats of these animals, they contain seeds, fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals for the health of your pet. In addition to the essential fiber in your diet.