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Cages for rabbits and parks

Rabbit cage is not equal to cages other small mammals. Each species naturally develops a different size, but also have some needs and peculiarities. For that reason we have this specific section for rabbit cages and parks.

Dimensions of cages for rabbits

In this case depending on the number of rabbits that we possess, the size we have available for the cage and our budget can opt for very large cages. However a recommended size is usually the cages about one meter long, through substantive and height. You will see that many of the rabbit cages we offer ranges that size, although we have very different sizes, and is that manufacturers of these homes for rabbits as in the case of Voltrega made cages for everyone.

Location and parks cages for rabbits

The issue of placement is very important and is directly related to the size of the rabbit cage. We must place it in a place where there is no air currents, nor suffer hours of direct sunlight. Rabbits are relatively sensitive to these issues and we must be attentive to the location not to fall ill. So, for example if you decide to take the garden rabbit cage, with him inside obviously, to breathe fresh air, do not forget the issue of heatstroke. You will see that we offer tarps for the roof, to create a space of shade, where it is quickly comprobaréis favorite rabbit.

Houses rabbits

We know the ideal size for our homes for rabbits (sounds nicer than cage), we also know where to put it. Well now we have to know what accessories we have to equip. On the one hand, for food you can not miss the waterers and feeders for rabbits . Also on the occasion of their feeding and care of your teeth you should never miss a background of the cage filled with hay for rabbits .

And in relation to their other needs, it is essential to a packed chip corner where you will learn to defecate and urinate. While we are to accustom us to periodically clean all these elements, both for the health and comfort of your pet, for ourselves not to create there a focus of malodorous scents and even infections.

Parks for rabbits

Clearly, hay, cornerback for depositions, feeders and drinkers for rabbits are essential elements in any cage these animals, whether cages for dwarf rabbits or designed for larger fish. But besides this you must also provide it with entertainment and games .

If any. Take a look at our section of toys for rabbits, and find out that we biters, balls of straw and other resources to make your life more entertaining your pet. Also do not forget to also place some kind of booths for rabbits inside the cage, which will be your most intimate and dark corner.

And so we can finally say that we have created a park for rabbits, we must also provide it with elements such as ramps, stairs, tunnels, caves and other accessories that we offer you. Elements that do not need to have from day one and you may go gradually incorporating the rabbit cage.