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Maintenance of water reptiles

Clean water reptile is a task that not only favors the animal, but also will guarantee the non - proliferation of bad odors, because of the aquatic terrarium.

Media does not need to be changed as often as you do need water. Recommended by experts it is that every 2 weeks acuaterrario water to provide the reptile clean and free of dirt environment is replaced.

Reptiles service the water is not complicated task, ideally to carry
out this task count on products for water maintenance reptiles, which will facilitate the work In you will find them !

Products for water maintenance reptiles

The composition of the products for the maintenance of water reptiles neutralizes the toxicity of chlorine in the water. They also have special agents formulated with vitamins that reduce feelings such as stress, common in animals in captivity.

The application of products for cleaning water disinfects water reptiles and helps the development of physical stages in reptiles like moving skin.

Product brands reptiles water maintenance

In our pet shop you will find produced by the most recognized brands products: Cliffi , Hagen , King British and Tetra .