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Lamps and Bulbs for reptiles

Lamps and Bulbs for reptiles

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Lamps and Bulbs for reptiles

Reptiles are tropical animals, so they require exposure to the sun as well as heat to develop properly. For example, turtles require lighting to produce vitamin D, essential to promote the development of the carapace, other types of reptiles such as iguanas require sun and heat to promote the pigmentation and the good condition of the skin.

For that reason, when you want to install a terrarium reptile , it is necessary to have bulbs for lamps and reptiles. These vary according to functionality, size and type of material they are made.

Here you will find a wide range of lamps and bulbs for terrariums!

Night lighting for reptiles

Night lighting lamps for reptiles allow the animal to strengthen the vision overnight. These are also ideal to stimulate mating in reptiles and night cycle of the pet.

The night lighting for the terrarium reptiles also air - condition overnight, when temperatures generally are lower. It is important that when installing such lamps, have no contact with water.

Ultraviolet light for reptiles

Ultraviolet lamps reptile lights are ideal to recreate exposure to sunlight. These lamps also illuminate provide the necessary heat for the reptile can properly develop.

Like all items that provide heat to the terrarium, ultraviolet lamps lighting for reptiles promote good digestion of animal, in addition to providing a pleasant environment.

Ceramic lamps for reptiles

Ceramic lamps for reptiles are very resistant bulbs that generate and release high temperatures. They are ideal for wet environments. These usually are used for ultraviolet and infrared light bulbs light bulbs.

Infrared lamps for reptiles

One of the characteristics of infrared lamps reptiles do not emit light, only heat. The infrared rays are absorbed by reptiles through the skin by stimulating the presence of heat in the body.

Infrared lamps for reptiles are essential for this species, as most reptiles are cold - blooded and require external factors that provide the heat necessary for life.

In you will find the best brands in lamps and bulbs for terrariums. Among the brands of our online store for reptiles are: Chadog , Ferplast , Hagen , Hobby , JBL , Karlie Flamingo , Lucky Reptile and Trixie .