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Atomizers for reptiles

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Atomizers for reptiles

To keep moisture inside a terrarium, many products have come on the market for this purpose, some of which are a bit expensive, however, there are products that are more affordable pocket and offering very results to the when wet the atmosphere inside the kennel. One of those options are sprays reptiles.

Sprayers are used for terrariums spraying inside the terrarium, like plants, with a frequency indicated product recommendations. It is not necessary to spray the animal directly, as they could irritate the mucous membranes.

Get them very easy in our shop for online pet ! You will find various products of this type, in a variety of brands.

Sprayers brands Terrarium

Among the most recommended brands are the sprayers Lucky Reptile . They are products that use significantly increases the humidity inside the habitat of reptiles in captivity.

The sprayers Lucky Reptile come in convenient packages to use with dispensers or sprayers allow uniform liquid distribution over the sprayed surface.

Another product you'll find in our store are pet sprays reptiles Trixie , a globally recognized brand, manufacturer of countless special items for pets of various species. One of the advantages of sprays Trixie reptiles do not generate any type of allergic reaction in many animal species.

However, it is recommended that before using the spray for reptiles consult your veterinarian physician, to ensure that the product is suitable to the body of the animal, for this advice is to check the chemical composition of each product you will use in a pet.