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Reptile Feeders

Reptile Feeders

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Feeders for reptiles

The setting of the terrarium for reptiles includes the use of accessories that make possible a comfortable and safe stay for food. One of them are the feeders for reptiles.

Feeders for reptiles promote hygiene of their new home, because once your pet takes the habit of eating in the same place, the food will not spread around the terrarium and not expel odors.

Buy in feeders reptiles! We have a varied stock with troughs of different colors and shapes for you and your pet express their personality through these products.

The place where the reptiles eat and drink must meet special conditions for them to do so comfortably and safely so that these accessories do not break with the decor we have created in the terrarium.

In you can select feeders shaped rock that integrate well into the environment. These reptiles feeders are made of materials resistant quality, style bowl, bowl with rescue ladder with natural texture with nonporous surface prevents bacterial growth.

Automatic feeders for reptiles

With automatic feeders for reptiles you can schedule feeding times and the amount of food for your reptile. These feeders distribute the food right at the indicated time and with the correct dosage.

In you can choose among several options of automatic feeders for reptiles that run on batteries. Its buttons are protected from splashing water or attacks reptiles and are easy to program.

The Exoterra automatic feeders have a natural appearance reptile rock that adapts to any type of terrarium, they are easy to clean and smooth non
- porous surface prevents the creation of bacteria.

This trough is very stable and does not turn easily, also allows easy integration in desert, tropical and any other terrariums.

Find all items for decorating your pet terrarium with greater security and reliability in . Some brands that offer variety and quality are Eheim , Ferplast , Hagen , JBL , Trixie in presentations of all sizes, natural colors and textures.