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KONG Dog Toys

KONG Dog Toys

Our founder, Joe Markham, loved his retired police dog, Fritz, but did not love his destructive chewing habits. Where other dogs might have chewed your shoes or favorite purse, Fritz loved to crunch on rocks, sticks and other harmful items. Fritz’s teeth were wearing down and his need for stimulation and play was not being met, and Joe was frustrated.

One day, while working on a VW Bus, Joe began throwing out car parts to Fritz to lure him away from those rocks. Fritz was immediately taken with a rubber suspension part and dropped it in Joe’s lap to play. The erratic bounce and toughness of the rubber inspired Joe.

We’ve been making KONGs from our own proprietary, pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber ever since. Dogs love KONG. The way it bounces keeps them engaged and ready to play. It has a soft mouth feel for a satisfying chew and, of course, it’s super durable. Owners love KONG too; they can stuff it, throw it, leave it out in the yard — KONG keeps coming back for more.

Dogs and their owners choose the original KONG and all of our other favourite toys because they’re fun. KONG toys are the best of the best in quality, originality, variety, safety, and value. Give a dog a KONG. They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG.

KONG Dog Toys

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  • Published by Lars on 28/08/2023

    Dog loves it, and it is strong

  • Published by Debra on 26/10/2022

    I don't think my dog would be as happy as she is without these toys

  • Published by Barbara E. on 20/08/2022

    My dog Ben has had his Kong Huggz Fox for over 6 years! He’s torn the face off of it, but it still squeaks, it’s raggedy but he absolutely loves it. It’s the only toy he really plays with. We call it his “Blue Baby”. He knows exactly what that is and runs to get it every time. I bought 3 initially from then they stopped carrying it and I was never able to find it again until now! Yay!!! I’m buying 5 of them!!! Thank you so much for carrying these wonderful fun toys! Ben thanks you too!!!
    I wish I could send you a picture of his toy.

  • Published by Patrick M. on 22/11/2021

    Animals don’t really play with it

  • Published by Sofie H. on 31/10/2021

    Best toy to chew in for a senior

  • Published by Sofie H. on 31/10/2021

    My senior dog goes crazy when she sees and hear the sqeeuk. She absolutely loves this hedgehog

  • Published by Sofie H. on 31/10/2021

    My dogs loves these

  • Published by winnie A. on 23/04/2021

    Gratis to have for quickly filling up Kong toy

  • Published by Barbara on 25/10/2019

    Holds up very well for my Belgian Malinois

  • Published by mark on 02/07/2019

    Charlie's favourite

  • Published by Lyndsay on 11/02/2018

    Thanks for the good communication. Product arrived in goid time and in perfect condition. Puppy loved it

  • Published by Petra J. on 07/02/2018

    This Frisbee (size S) is perfect for smaller and medium sized dogs. We have a Welsh Collie and she loves it. The disc is soft enough to be grabbed by the dog and not hurting the mouth and yet it is very sturdy and withstands the odd bite or pull between playing dogs. Can only recommend it!
    Haven't tried it in water so don't know if it floats.

  • Published by on 19/12/2017

    These are amazing, toys do not last more than an hour with my dog if they’re lucky but she has not made a mark on these balls.

  • Published by Rob W. on 22/09/2016

    This toy is good for pups. nice for them to chew on, and play fetch with. They bounce too which is great for them. Can stuff food in them, but can be messy. Worth buying to save furniture etc.

  • Published by Olivia S. on 28/02/2016

    My dog loves this! It really helped when he was teething and with crate training! Peanut butter or cream cheese is a good filling!

  • Published by Olivia S. on 28/02/2016

    Perfect for my dog when he was a puppy, kept him busy and helped with crate training. Not that good now that he is and adult because he can easily tear it!

  • Published by Julie W. on 26/01/2016

    Great prices, but took a while to get there. But still very good. My dog eat the balls though, but nevermind :D

  • Published by Taavi T. on 20/01/2016

    My almost 4 yr old Boxer loves to play with the balls and they are a bit more stronger than regular tennis balls, though 2 days was enough to destroy a ball. For bigger dogs, they would have to be stronger.

  • Published by Louise P. on 15/01/2016

    A fantastic company which enables me to feed my three dogs on the best quality Royal Canin food. Louise

  • Published by pauline on 08/01/2016

    although my dog doesn't play with balls i gave them to a friend who has a very energetic labrador and he loves them

  • Published by Laura P. on 19/08/2015

    Perfect addition from the kong range - so tough and durable. Very good product and worth the money, two in one with the rope and then the ball

  • Published by on 10/08/2015

    This Kong ball is by far one of the best balls any medium-rare dog could have.

    It is practically indestructible, by a standards of a dog who will destroy a toy within a few minutes.

    There is a hole, in which you can place small treats. Which the Shapes bones are a good fit, within a centimeter of each side. The dog has to work in getting it out, which usually is two-three minutes.

    I would recommend this toy for anyone with a destructive dog who cannot be trusted with a normal ball.

  • Published by Linda L. on 30/07/2015

    My Springer Spaniel pup did chew the cover of and removed squeaker; however she has much pleasure from the remaining "Kong Air Bone Squeaker"

  • Published by Cristina C. on 08/07/2015

    Esperaba mucho más de un producto Kong. A mi perro no le duró ni 5 minutos y eso que ni siquiera es un perro destructor. Se lo puse con pienso dentro y en cuanto se acabó el pienso, al morderlo se despedazó. Un lástima. Me encanta la marca, pero con este producto desde luego que se han lucido.

  • Published by Laura C. on 01/05/2015

    Perfect for my puppy, he loves to play with it and great to hide treats and freeze them to keep him entertained for awhile.

  • Published by Helen C. on 26/08/2013

    Very robust toy, my labradoodle loves it, it bounces, squeaks & is chewy.
    Best of all my dog has worked out that he can carry
    Another ball too with there being a hole in it, great fun & well worth every penny.

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