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Tubes, Suction Pads & Clips for Aquariums

Tubes, Suction Pads & Clips for Aquariums

All products of tubes, suction pads & clips for aquariums

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Tubes, suction cups and clips for aquariums

There are many accessories available to ensure that your fish feel comfortable in the space that you intended to live and that you can care for them , love them and protect them . has for you the best accessories for the care and maintenance of tural tua .

Fittings for aquariums

The couplings aquarium serve to correct connection of pipes that are within aquatic spaces to live your fish. They come in different shapes and sizes that allow you to make joints in corners optimally without wasting space.

Clips Aquarium

In the case of clips for aquariums serve as supports for filters, feeders and many accessories and tools for your aquarium. They come in different shapes and sizes according to your requirements.

Meanwhile the keys and valves for aquariums allow you to make a correct installation and distribution of water systems in your aquarium. The designs fit the space and also comfortable to install.

Spare parts and spare parts for aquarium

Repair and give new life to the pieces of your aquarium with spares and parts that brings you our online store.

We have tubes Aquariums to provide the vital liquid to your fish efficiently and comfortably. It allows the installation is the best quality, because we have a large stock of hoses of different sizes to suit your needs.

Aquarium suction cups

And for a suitable tube support, we recommend that you take home the suckers for aquariums , perfect to fix this and many items that are installed in the aquarium. The suction cups are made of water - resistant materials and with extreme to the surface of the aquarium to prevent the fixing element sustained fall.

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