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Test Aquarium

There are fish that tolerate cold, hot, salty or fresh water. You may even try to put your aquatic animals where they belong, the water contains some compounds or minerals not tolerate pets. You must control these levels to ensure their welfare and ensure that the nutrients they need are in perfect condition.

In we take care to give you everything you need to diagnose water, to be the perfect development space.

The aquarium test to measure the content of certain substances or water components for further control. There are some types that can be harmful to fish health, affect their development and even prevent their survival.

Test marks aquarium

The brands are available to you: API , Aquacubic , Dupla , JBL , King British , Sandimas , Specipez , Tetra , Aquarium Münster , Aquarium Systems , Dennerle , Eheim , Hagen , Hobby , Tropical and Waterlife .

Test for specific aquariums

With the test of ammonia for aquariums you can check the content of ammonia in the aquarium which should not exceed 0.25 mg / l in fresh and salt water. These tests are easy to read for comfortable use. Ammonia is excreted by the animals and is fatal for their survival.

Keep calcium in the aquarium is vital for the proper development of fish. That is why we have the test of calcium for aquariums for you verify its contents and never lacks this component to water your pets.

In the case of co2 it is essential for the growth of aquatic plants and fish welfare. To ensure appropriate levels we recommend that you buy the test co2 aquarium .

Excess calcium phosphate can inhibit and can enter the water elcambio this food or fish. You must maintain these levels controlled test phosphate aquarium and verify that do not exceed its limit. Nitrite although also less toxic likewise be controlled with the aid levels of nitrite test aquarium .

Most fish require soft water is why you should use the hardness test for aquaria to measure total water hardness. It is determined by the concentration of calcium salts and magnesium. This is important to monitor the health of fish, plants and microorganisms in the aquarium.

Control of pH should be neutral in most cases. Tool used as the test ph aquarium especially in parts of aquarium water.