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Food for pond fish

In , you have different types of food available to fish pond. For large, medium or small fish with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy growth and favor bright colors.

Food for pond fish is available for different life stages of fish. We have food with some degree of fineness for newborns and viviparous fish size between 5 to 10 mm.

Most pond fish food comes in flakes , granules , or sticks . Each has a different function depending on the size and age of the pet.

For pond fish flakes

The scales fish pond fish are ideal for small mouth because they are easy to break by contact with water and float for a few minutes before diving.

Granulated food for pond fish

Unlike the flakes,   Granulated food for fish and pond fish sticks are used for medium and large fish. Both are made with the ideal components for a complete diet.

Both scales , such as granulated food and sticks to fish , are available in different brands such as Arquivet , Badis , JBL , Karlie Flamingo , King British , Savic , Tetra , Wuapu , Astra and Vitakraft .