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Diffusers aquariums

When you have an aquarium with fish, one of the biggest fears it is that not survive because they are not in their natural habitat. Nothing better to do your aquarium full of life and with the right conditions for fish welfare place.

That is why brings you a wide range of products for aquariums that ensure bienestart of these animals, including plants.

Co2 diffuser aquarium

To provide the oxygen they need, you must supply the aquarium with carbon dioxide (CO2) through diffusers aquariums. These have the function of introducing Co2 in the water and remove the gases that are not useful to fertilize the aquarium. The co2 is for the plants to perform photosynthesis and thus feed.

By aquarium Co2 diffuser enters fresh outdoor air and water aquarium with vital to the development of plants that grow in this habitat is enriched oxygen. This oxygen will also help aquatic areas with large populations of fish and high need for oxygen.

Find diffuser Co2 aquarium in different ways to suit your needs and your aquarium. In our online store you will find diffusers cylindrical , polyhedral and round . Choose the one that suits you and ensures the health and welfare of your fish.

Airstones for aquarium

Give life to the aquarium with airstones for the aquarium! It will allow more air to oxygen is maintained for longer and at the same time will cause the air to circulate more frequently.

The advantages of Airstones are endless. Small devices are easy to install on the walls of aquariums, also ensure, by location, good water movement. They possess dosage intake air terminal with pressure regulation.

The oreferido is the ceramic diffuser aquarium , ideal for its high durability and quality. This ensures optimum income of carbon dioxide to the aquarium with low maintenance.

Diffusers marks aquariums

Do not forget that our store always offers the best brands in all our products. In the diffusers you can find brands such as Eheim , Hagen , JBL , Moly , Rena , Sandimas , Yagu , Zolux , Arquivet , Dennerle , Ferplast , Hobby , Karlie Flamingo , Tetra , Trixie and Vitakraft .