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Backgrounds for Fishbowls & Tanks

Backgrounds for Fishbowls & Tanks

All products of backgrounds for fishbowls & tanks

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Funds for aquariums

Funding for aquariums besides fulfill its role of decorating, also serve to cover other things like cables, hoses, or any other element of the aquarium.

Here you will find a wide range of backgrounds for aquariums brands such as: Ferplast , Hagen , Hobby , Karlie Flamingo , Sandimas , Trixie , Wuapu , Zolux , Freedog and JBL .

Aquarium seabeds

In you'll find fantastic designs seabed aquarium , with great details rocks, fish and all that nature gives us in the seabed Translates the natural beauty to your aquarium!

Funds stone for aquariums

For those who prefer a more minimalist design the funds aquarium stones are ideal, with colors and textures that look real. You will find them in different sizes that fit perfectly to measures need your fish tank.

Funds for aquarium plants

Move the nature of the sea to your aquarium is now easier thanks to funds aquarium plants that offers you. We have different designs of species of marine flora, which will make a spectacular game with all your ornaments and fish. These posters come in bright colors.

Most of our funds for aquariums are highly resistant and will not fade with water also bring a non - stick special gene to fix them in the glass of your aquarium.