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Aquacubic Salt Instant Ocean

Instant Ocean contains all of the major, minor and trace elements necessary, ideal for all types of  aquarium.It does not contain nitrates or phosphates.It was developed in the course of  extensive biological and chemical experimentation an ...


  • 360 GR Check availability Notify me
  • 4 KG 124kr. 31kr./KG
  • 20 KG Check availability Notify me
  • 25 KG 655kr. 26kr./KG

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 124kr. 124kr./unit
  • x2 -2kr. 246kr. 122kr. last unit
  • x3 -4kr. 368kr. 120kr. last unit
  • x5 -6kr. 614kr. 118kr. last unit
  • x1 655kr. 655kr./unit
  • x2 -13kr. 1.297kr. 642kr. last unit
  • x3 -20kr. 1.945kr. 635kr. last unit
  • x5 -33kr. 3.242kr. 622kr. last unit

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Features Aquacubic Salt Instant Ocean

  • Reference3443980101201
  • Weight2 KG, 4 KG, 8 KG, 20 KG, 360 GR, 25 KG
  • BrandAquacubic
  • Product TypeSalt

Description Aquacubic Salt Instant Ocean

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