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Eukanuba Gato

Eukanuba Gato

Eukanuba is a Procter & Gamble company that has more than 40 years of experience with dog and cat food. Choosing to use high quality animal protein from a wide variety of sources like eggs, chicken, lamb and fish, they believe in the importance of feeding dogs and cats accordingly to their carnivore origins. Eukanuba has contributed millions to food science and their products have passed dozens of quality checks all with the aim of improving the benefits of their products.

Eukanuba Gato

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  • Published by Daniel on 28/04/2022

    Best for my cat!

  • Published by Brian on 19/06/2018

    the best for my cat

  • Published by Anthony T. on 20/09/2013

    I love cats and need at least two of them in my house. I am unlucky because my partner doesn´t stand them. What is worse, she completely disgusts hairballs. So I bet I am the only one who can literally say that Eukanuba Anti-Hairballs kept a home for both my cats and me.

    Keep up the good job!

  • Published by Mary P. on 19/09/2013

    Best value for quality. After the first months of feeding Kessels started to look unhappy. Our vet told us to bring some variety to the diet so we have purchased a couple of other Eukanuba products and started mixing them. Everything been well now for more than half a year.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 19/09/2013

    Our cats used to love this food but hairballs disgusted my partner so we had to make a switch. I would still recommend this to everyone, especially if your cats are not prone to producing excess amounts of hair.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 01/09/2013

    There are not many places I can get this fantastic light food at. All of our cats absolutely adore this food but unfortunately we have no store close by to get it. It is thanks to this food that they have managed a healthy weight and that Ella has lost some of her tremendous belly weighing 5.5kgs down from 7.5kgs! Please keep selling this product!

  • Published by Jennifer W. on 30/08/2013

    Started our kittens on it and never regret. We haven´t found as good of a food as this to follow up with, but have still stayed loyal to Eukanuba thanks to this fantastic food!

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 29/08/2013

    This food was perfect until my cat´s liver started to become a problem. In all honesty I believe it has more to do with the age of my cat than the food. Our vet is of the same opinion. Still if it hadn´t been for that I would have recommended this product to everyone.

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