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SUMSU Long Hair Mask



The mask for long hair contains Argan Oil to achieve extra hydration, incorporates collagen to keep the coat strong and resistant, thanks to its composition of amino acids. It is a mask formulated based on neutral active ingredients and natural extra ...


  • 250 ml 89kr. 356kr./L
  • 1 L 186kr. 186kr./L

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 89kr. 89kr./unit
  • x2 -2kr. 176kr. 87kr. last unit
  • x3 -3kr. 264kr. 86kr. last unit
  • x5 -4kr. 441kr. 85kr. last unit
  • x1 186kr. 186kr./unit
  • x2 -4kr. 368kr. 182kr. last unit
  • x3 -6kr. 552kr. 180kr. last unit
  • x5 -9kr. 921kr. 177kr. last unit

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Features SUMSU Long Hair Mask

  • 100% Vegan

  • Free of silicones and parabens

  • Provides high hydration

  • Helps to strengthen hair

  • Reference8435431592084
  • Weight1 Kg, 250 GR
  • Quantity250 ml, 1 L
  • Units1
  • BrandSUMSU

Description SUMSU Long Hair Mask

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10. Excelente producto y resultado. Excelente calidad precio.


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