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Porta awards for dogs

Go for a walk with your best four - legged friend is necessary for the health and welfare of the dog. If you include planning exercises will be beneficial for you too, but if your pet is not properly trained, can become a real disaster.

One of the things that is practiced in dog training , is offering a prize or reward for doing things as they are ordered. In you find porta prizes for dogs that help you get everything organized.

Train a pet requires a real teamwork, therefore it is important that you consider the awards for the dogs become more motivated to repeat the actions.

Bag training awards

When dogs are small, ie they are in the age of puppies, education and the first rules are those that mark and determine their personality.

Teaching your dog to where to your needs is one of the first rules we teach them. Once this is achieved, it should be offered a prize for dogs or reward. In our shop you find a variety of bags for training awards to accompany your travels.

Exit ride is also of the first rules we teach them. When you go out for a walk with your dog you should convey security and tranquility. Pull the strap only achieve constantly alter the mood of your pet. Adequacy is the use of short words, a successful firm body language and intonations Try it , it will work much better!

Backpacks for dogs

Education is one of the key elements in order to develop the emotional welfare of the dog. It is an effort that should make all family members.

In the process of training, go for a walk is a vital test that have to be prepared since dogs by territorial instinct mark their area during the tour, and can be distracted a bit, but if the dog is concentrated, will your step and follow you. This is a perfect opportunity to give your prize. Here you can buy online portal prizes for dogs and backpacks for dogs.

Porta awards marks for dogs

Some of our most recognized brands of dog porta awards: Alcott , Ferplast , Trixie , Karlie Flamingo , The Company of Animals , among others.

Get in ! You can find many choices made by these companies, with such features or fanny bags, fabrics and colors with different costs.