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Transport Carriers for Dogs

Transport Carriers for Dogs

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Holiday with a dog

What dog owner wants to give up traveling with your pet? Any. It is one of the family. Well, we shop online as animals are not who tell all sites you can go together, or where you you are going to be able to house. Instead, our products will be solved the way your dog will travel with you, so comfortable, safe and legal. For that we have a whole section Transport and travel, and within it there is a special role for trasportines for dogs.

Trasportines dog for any means of transport

Traffic regulations indicates that when you viajéis with your pets in a car, the animals have to go safely. Ie they can go in a separate compartment of persons, or if traveling with them, there are two ways to do this. Or they go inside a trasportín dog, or go secure with dog accessories such as the harnesses trip .

And in the case of public transport is the train, a bus, a ferry or an airplane, the rules still restrict more. Since they must always travel at the right trasportín. The only exception may be given to the animals of the smaller breeds, which sometimes are allowed to travel in bags for dogs .

But for the rest, we must resort to trasportines. That is, there are for animals of all sizes. For smaller and hand, but there is also trasportines for large dogs , and even very large, which is better to opt for trasportines with wheels.

And here you can come a question. If I have a trasportín with wheels, how it is fixed to place, for example, in the hold of a plane? Very simple, there are models such as the Gulliver trasportín of Arppet brand with detachable wheels.

Trasportines for all types of dogs

We have already said that this accessory can find appropriate travel for the size of any animal. There trasportines for medium, large or small dogs. But you not only have to look at the size of the product. Its manufacturers also take into account other factors, especially concerning the character of the animals.

That is, there trasportines as brand Maelson whose walls can be opaque or windows that can look at the animal. There are also other brands such as Ferplast or Arquivet of plastic materials, ideal for quieter animals, who want to travel with their owners and enough for them that do them them their dog blanket in the rear carrier.

We also have other very large, are double trasportines even though if it is anticipated that there may be some conflict, brands like Trixie you offer some divisive elements for peace.

All this in terms of the needs of the dogs, but of course companies of trasportines dogs know perfectly well that it is elements that most of the time are not used, and require space for storage. And of course they have thought of them also offering folding models trasportín, for that poses no problem.