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Sofas for dogs

In general, for all of us home favorite place is the sofa. Well, why it will not be the same for your pet? Here in our online store animals we show a wide range of sofas for dogs, so that you can can lie beside you, throw his own nap and all without bothering nor take away one centimeter from your favorite piece of furniture.

For the rest of the dogs

In this section you can rest for dogs see that we have a host of products with different characteristics and therefore with various denominations. We have dog beds , mattresses, pillows , cots or blankets, and of course, sofas and the closest thing you can imagine a chair for dogs.

Of course, the resemblance to this type of furniture humans is very large. But what is absolutely identical function, since in these dog accessories like the Ferplast sofas or couches Yagu , your pet will knock down placidly for hours. Virtually you come to forget that is at home, especially in the case of the sofas for large dogs, because despite what you may think, the larger breeds tend to have a very calm demeanor in homes.

Different types of sofas for dogs

In our online pet shop we have available and your pet enjoy a huge range of armchairs for dogs. We've got almost as many models as we can find for us in a furniture shop.

Manufacturers of these canine products, such as Arppe , Freedog or Scruffs , present them in a variety of ways, drawing on our sofas, armchairs or sofas. So it may have a higher back, one or two side arms, have a marked width, etc. Logically, within each of these variations they are found in different patterns and which can even combine with human furniture tones.

So much for the shape, but in terms of materials and tissues is the same. You can find them very hot made with plush, very light cotton, more elegant leather or synthetic hair, or very practical polyester. And until you you can buy at your dog a plastic couch to incorporate into your favorite dog blanket.

An accessory for smaller dogs

All this is going to ask for a pet. Some comfort, your feed for dogs and your love. With that endear, while perhaps one be thinking that why buy a sofa for dogs and if you share the family and sitting area.

If you do that, you will have a small dog. So every time you want to get on the couch, you have to help and upload you. Well, so you can climb itself, there is a mark as Karlie Flamingo not only designs and offers products for the canine rest with mattresses, sofas or dog beds, it also provides you a piece of furniture shaped staircase, that your poodle, chihuahua yorkshire or may rise only to the couch. He will thank you and your kidneys too.