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Dog shampoo

In the chapter of hairdressing and hygiene canine you will discover that in our online store animals have a large catalog dedicated to dog shampoos . Since possibly dog ​​shampoo is the product that we will use for our animal hygiene. And it will not only be beneficial for cleaning, so it is for your health and aesthetics. And if you do not keep an eye on the wide range of shampoos that we propose.

Canine hairdresser

The hair clipper, the brush or comb for dogs you'll often use for grooming your animal, but certainly the dog shampoo is the flagship product in the work of hairdresser.

In our pet shop you can see that shampoos have different prices, different aromas and varied textures. As with almost human shampoos exposed in any supermarket. We offer shampoos with essences of coconut oil, aloe vera or honey. But we also revitalizing, brighteners, or for frequent use of anti - dandruff properties. All products compatible with other hair conditioners dogs.

What you were saying? Endless dog shampoos. But manufacturers like Trixie , Advance , Pet Head or Virbac also have specific products for certain breeds, such as Yorkshire shampoo, and also recommend one or the other products depending on the hair color of your pet. That is, we have dog shampoo white hair black, brown or.

Dry shampoos for dogs

Maybe your dog is not very fond of the water, and each bathroom is a real adventure. But instead is an obligation to keep it clean, both for their health and for yours and that of your family. To achieve this you can spread quite bathrooms in the shower with others without getting wet, thanks to dry shampoos for dogs .

How do you give your pet a bath with dry shampoo? It's simple, first make use of the brush for dogs , eliminates all excess hair and unravels the knots. Then apply the shampoo. It's very simple. It is simply a spray as it is a shampoo powder. Try not to throw the product in eyes, mouth and nose so as not to irritate those areas. Then masajéalo, as is done with conventional shampoo. With that you will achieve that the product reaches your skin. The dog relaxing with massage and can leave that to lie half hour to act shampoo, to finally give a new brushing or running a comb for dogs. Without a drop of water, your dog will clean and shine. He also will smell perfectly, but if you want you can apply a colony for dogs, like you do in the bath with water.

antiparasitic shampoos

So far we have spoken of shampoos with hygienic and aesthetic purposes that we have in our shop online animals. But does not end here our catalog. You can also buy flea shampoos and repellents for dogs.

Antiparasitic shampoos can become the ideal complement necklaces or pipettes to prevent and fight against fleas, ticks and other insects. And more than a complement, in the case of younger dogs is a necessity as shampoos for puppies fulfill this task perfectly.

Against allergies

Finally, we are going to mention another product, a lotion for dogs whose main benefit you can enjoy people with mild to pet allergies. It is Vetridem, a product of the prestigious Bayer factory, which is synonymous with quality and warranty.

This product is to be applied after a good brushing. After that a cloth is impregnated lotion and rub gently on the animal's body, first in the direction of the hair and then against the grain. A work needs to be done once a week. Its effects in people with mild or moderate allergies can be spectacular, and they can afford coexist with your pet.