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Clickers & Whistles for Dogs

Clickers & Whistles for Dogs

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Clickers and whistles for dogs

When you dedicate to dog training you must know in depth the techniques used to accomplish this task. One such technique is to use   clickers and whistles, it is scientifically proven that certain dog whistles emit sounds that although they are almost imperceptible to the human ear, are captured at high frequency by canines, causing different sensations in puppies.

When buying a whistle to train dogs you should keep in mind certain things. One is that each whistle to train dogs have different specifications according to race. There are certain frequencies that are more noticeable by dogs than others.

The technique to select the clickers and dog whistles that best suit your pet is very simple. It is recommended to wait until the dog is sleeping when the whistle is issued, and see his reaction. So you can go by adjusting the sound to your response.

You should also know that not all sounds emitted by dog whistles obey the same order. Some sounds indicate call, others may mean sit down or get up. Some of the best products in this range of products for dogs can acquire visiting

Whistle for dog training

In our pet shop online you can find variety of designs and materials whistles. There adjustable whistles that emit various shades, and are ideal for education of hunting dogs.

Clicker dog training

Another excellent choice to educate your canine clickers are in the dog. These modern and very functional articles will help improve the dog obedience and in case of bad behavior, reprimanding. Training clickers help you to inhibit negative actions such as aggression, disobedience and lack of control by anxiety or stress.

Among the brands in clickers and dog whistles you can find in they are: Trixie , Ferplast , HS Sprenger and The Company of Animals .

The biggest advantage of clicker dog is that it provides good results in the work training, to undo canine bad behavior, and generating positive mental states. These methods also do not promote stress or fear in the animal.