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Dog beds

When you live with a dog, the phrase "take a dog's life" takes on another meaning. You discover that life is not so bad. In fact, much of the hours of your day are based on rest, in being relaxed and above all sleep. And of course, where do all that is best in a dog bed . If you have to buy one for your new pet or have to renew it because your puppy has grown a lot, take a look at our online store animals the section of dog beds and see the wide variety of models that we offer.

Beds for large dogs, small and medium

Manufacturers dog beds already present us with the same model their creations in different sizes. Since there is nothing more frustrating than finding what we are looking for and discover that is not done for all sizes or sizes. In this way Waupu marks, or Scruffs Alcott quickly teach us that their models of beds or mattresses for dogs can be found in the size you need our animal, is a Chihuahua or a Labrador.

And not only is serving size of each of the breeds, but also must take into account the time of development is our animal. For that reason there are cots for dogs , ie beds for puppies, unique for that phase of its growth. It's time to see how he likes to sleep our dog, so that later buy him the type of bed in the more comfortable you feel.

Not all dogs are the same beds

The main difference between the different models of perrunas beds is their degree of enclosure. That is, if you have side walls enclosing the space. Do not be deceived, not all dogs like that feeling. There are many animals who prefer their mattress for dogs , so that they lie about it, and even draw their legs and are much more comfortable. Besides that older dogs, those foam walls that sometimes surround your bed can pose a problem.

An intermediate option between the mattresses and beds for dogs are the sofas. The dog sofas resemble those of humans. That is, it is a soft surface and a kind of back with arms. Look at our catalog, and if your dog likes that to be his resting place you will see that you can also choose from numerous models of different sizes, colors and textures, and certainly different brands as all specialized manufacturers as Ferplast, Trixie or Yagu, among others, made worthy sofas for dogs of any room.

And another variant you can see in our online pet store are the cushions for dogs . They do not become a great mattress and the bed can be for small dogs ideal. And of course, like the animal, its size, own Accompany us anywhere we go. In addition, such cushions or mattresses for large dogs are a necessary complement if they have become accustomed to our animal to sleep on a bed of plastic dog.

For the rest of the older dogs

Canine paragraph break is extensive, and so far we have only mentioned the beds, cots puppies, sofas, mattresses, mattress pads or the typical dog. All elements valid for any healthy sleep and any size dog. It's just a matter of finding the type of accessories more suitable for our dogs, according to their hobbies respect to comfort and our tastes in terms of aesthetics.

However, there is a group of dogs that require a special type of beds. It is older animals or those who are ill. It is orthopedic dog beds where premium materials for your aching bones, such as the viscolástica or high quality foams are used, and are also usually waterproof mattresses, if your pet has problems urine. And it is that we and especially him be as comfortable a life as possible after making company.