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Bags for dogs

Never have you gone on vacation with your dog? Why? Try it! In our shop online animals you will find everything you need to finally go on a trip with your dog. We carry accessories most varied and suitable for every breed of dog and also to the various regulations governing transportation. And adapted to these rules you can see we have bags for dogs so you do not have to give up travel with your little pet.

Travel Products for dogs

We say that the bags are small dogs, because it is clear that this type of accessories is only useful for animals of the smaller races, because you have to keep in mind that it is a handbag, and therefore neither volume or by weight would make no sense to manufacture it for the dogs of medium or large size.

However, if your pet is one of those sizes, do not worry. You can also travel with the dog without any problems. Of course, you 'll have to resort to other pet travel products available in our pet store. In the case of your private car you will have to secure a special harness to the seat belt , as any commuter vehicle. While for other means of transport you will have to make use of trasportines for dogs , specially designed to take your dog by car, bus, train, boat or plane.

You will find suitable for the various races trasportines, and the great advantage of such elements is that they are much lighter than the dog cages , plus they can have wheels or can stay in the dark for further relaxation of the animal during the journey .

Types of transport bags for dogs

Returning to dog bags we let you know that you can find them in two different types. Some, let's call them more fashion and more practical. That is, in this type of dog accessories that something similar happens in the section corresponding to backpacks for dogs .

In both cases you will find models where premium aesthetics and others where safety and convenience is more important.
However, manufacturers of these products try to find a balance between fashion and made transport an animal, or you go safely for him and those around them.

And it must be a matter very seriously. This type of bags for dogs must serve to transport your pet, not only to take walking to the vet, but for example to upload it to a public transportation such as the subway or a bus (although we all know that is not always allowed) . But for cases that may sometimes are forced to transport in this type of bags they must prevent the animal jump over other travelers. For that reason, keep in mind that when choosing a bag or another. While you can always have a pair, practical and beautiful.