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Backpacks for dogs

Usually when we go hiking we carry a backpack. Well, if we go hiking with our mascot then it seems logical that you have to carry a backpack for dogs. Yes. A convenient method of bringing the dogs of small breeds, not only to take over rough or dangerous roads, but also to transport them safely in the car.

Within the broad section of Transport and Travel with dogs from our online store animals we have a vast catalog of this type of dog backpacks. You'll see them in different brands such as Yagu backpacks , Arppe or Trixie , among other manufacturers. Each combines colors and materials to create a type of dog bags of the most varied.

If you have a perrete small, it never hurts to have a backpack pet! The'll use for hiking, but also to go on a trip, to go up with him in public or simply to transport him to the vet.

Much more than backpacks for dogs

The backpacks have called, but you can see that in our online pet store have very different models. They are logically backpacks for dogs over classical to back placement, and made for short walks and also with the aim of resisting long and intense hiking treks.

We also have other pet bags that can be carried in the most mochilera form, but also have handles for carrying by hand and even as a shoulder strap. It is bags for dogs that can carry not only the animal, but have pockets to cast their snacks, a bottle of water or medicines, and even some clothes from her wardrobe of clothes for dogs . That is to say, would be more own items to transport the animal for a trip or an offset, which for a tour.

For dogs and masters easygoing

It is clear that take your pet in a backpack, he will you look perfect, though perhaps not feel the same way your kidneys. Generally this type of dog accessories are designed to portage to smaller breeds. However, you may have a dog a little larger, or simply suffer from any condition that does not allow you bear weight on his back.

Do not worry! For those cases we also have the solution, so you can keep traveling and transporting your pet. In this sense a true classic are the trasportines for dogs , which in many cases already are equipped with wheels and a handle to make it much easier displacement in the case of heavier breeds.

That type of carrier for dogs has evolved to other models suitable for not so large and that are attractive objects canes. We are talking about the trolley for dogs . Think about it, like children carry their backpacks with wheels cole, we too can take just as our pet. Do not? The idea is that the displacement is very comfortable for him, which perhaps is injured, and also comfortable for the owner who or may not carry their weight or simply do not want to get tired.