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Pro Plan Veterinary Diets for dogs

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets for dogs

At PURINA we are continually developing and improving ways to help pets live healthier, happier, longer lives. For over 85 years, we’ve been one of the pioneers in the scientific advancement of pet care and pet nutrition. Our expert team of 350 nutritionists, scientists, veterinarians and animal behaviourists work across an enormous range of initiatives at four major centres in Europe and the US. The ultimate goal of all our work is to improve every aspect of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

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  • Published by Natalja K. on 12/10/2023

    A very good drug. My cats really like it. I think this supplement is suitable for all animals of any age. I often buy it for cats.

  • Published by Agnes on 15/10/2022

    my cat like it and has no problem with her digestive issue from eating it. Her stools turn up well.

  • Published by Dmitry on 21/09/2022

    Our cat has been eating and loving this food for 8 years.

  • Published by Pets_Care Club on 07/08/2022

    Effective products!!

  • Published by Ангелина �. on 26/07/2022

    Everything is fine.

  • Published by Jacqueline Ng on 23/06/2022

    Cat love the flavour.

  • Published by Maryam h. on 18/07/2021

    Our Veterinarian suggested buying this to help my cat digestive and immune system and we noticed improvement with constant use, it reduced his food vomiting and better stool state.

  • Published by Hung on 26/12/2020

    My dogs eat it. They are picky. You can mix it into their food. The dose is as big as a sweet and low packet.

  • Published by Kelly Lee on 28/04/2020

    My 15 year old GSD mixed has drastic weight lost and the vet suspected cancer due to the numerous lumps on her body. After one complete course of Pro Plan Probiotic, she started putting on weight. Its a good product. Only downside is the price. I highly recommend it.

  • Published by Shea c. on 10/01/2019

    This products is amazing. I have a shitzu/bichon who would not eat and was pooping blood periodically and stool was always very dark.From the time he was 3 months old and is now 15 months old. I finally went to to 3 different Vets and the last one put him on the Fortiflora. This product has changed everything about his eating. He now wants to eat and is doing great. It really does work and he now has the proper bacterial in his intestines. It is also great for puppies. Thank you MISCOTA for a good price for this PRODUCT.

  • Published by Jennifer T. on 07/10/2018

    My dog used to have sensitive intestinal system and gets better after the probiotics.

  • Published by Maureen H. on 10/05/2016

    Great for my cat with IBD. Massively cheaper than any where else, delivery is bit slow but that's fine if you don't need it for a few weeks. +++++

  • Published by on 11/04/2016

    Thanks Miscota for selling individual cans so our cats can try this food before buying in bulk! This is a good alternative to Royal Canin and Hills renal cat food and my fussy cat really enjoys eating it.

  • Published by KAREN D. on 11/08/2015

    Miscota gave the best price to buy online and the ordering was quick and simple. A delivery date of 28th July was given... the downside for me was this date came and went with no package arriving. I re tracked my item and found it had been waiting in Bristol since the 23rd July awaiting collection. I made a phone call to complain and spoke to an automated message. My package then arrived the following day. I will order again in the future and hope the delivery will arrive on time.

  • Published by Eric F. on 26/05/2015

    After reading some of the not so positive reviews online I was unsure as to order or not, I did and have no regrets!!! You exceeded my expectations, so much so I have placed another order with you and received an additional 5% off, thank-you!

  • Published by on 12/05/2015

    The right product (Purina HA 13kg) at the very best price and easy online ordering. The only downside was that delivery took nearly two weeks, which is ok if you know this and plan ahead.

  • Published by on 17/12/2014

    Min katt hade problem med njurarna och veterinären tipsade om detta foder. Min katt älskar det och hennes njurvärden har blivit normala efter att ha ätit detta foder i 2 år.

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