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By Marie K.

Marie K.

A good dog food should contain meat or fish (animal protein) as the main ingredient, supplemented with fruit and vegetables. Some feeds also contain cereals such as rice, which provide greater digestibility as well as iron and zinc, important minerals for their health. It is recommended that the feed is fed with clean, fresh water.

Raising their bowl will also improve their intake and help prevent gastrointestinal problems, especially in the case of a large dog. The bowl should be placed at shoulder height, so that the animal does not bend its head too low to eat its ration.

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Natura Diet Nd Daily Food

A complete natural, nutritious, healthy food, biologically adapted for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. Format:500g · 3Kg · 12Kg


  • 3 Kg 212kr. 71kr./KG
  • 12 KG 500kr. 42kr./KG

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 212kr. 212kr./unit
  • x2 -4kr. 420kr. 208kr. last unit
  • x3 -6kr. 630kr. 206kr. last unit
  • x5 -11kr. 1.049kr. 201kr. last unit
  • x1 500kr. 500kr./unit
  • x2 -10kr. 990kr. 490kr. last unit
  • x3 -15kr. 1.485kr. 485kr. last unit
  • x5 -25kr. 2.475kr. 475kr. last unit

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Ingredients Natura Diet Nd Daily Food

ried chicken meat (28%), rice (20%) chicken fat, brown rice, dried apple (9%) dried hydrolyzed chicken meat, EAHD vegetable protein concentrate, salmon oil, flaxseed oil, brewer's yeast, potassium chloride, PROHEALTH (1%): green lipped mussel extract, krill extract, dried carrot, dried tomato, dried African marigold, dried alfalfa, dried seaweed, dandelion seed extract, dried broccoli, green tea seed extract, dried camomile, citrus extracts, borage oil, oregano seed extract, milk thistle seed extract, blueberries, L-carnitine, taurine, FOS, MOS, probiotics, PROSAFE COMPLEX (0.03%): rosemary, cloves, dried grapefruit and grapes, alpha-tocopherol-rich vegetable oils. Easily assimilated and highly digestible.

Features Natura Diet Nd Daily Food

  • Reference8437002535186
  • Weight3 Kg, 12 KG
  • BrandNatura Diet
  • Physical ActivityAverage
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorChicken, Fish,
  • Dog SizeMedium, Maxi, Giant, Not Specific
  • Quantity3 Kg, 12 Kg
  • Made inSpain
  • Producido en
  • Product RangeOriginal

Description Natura Diet Nd Daily Food

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a luna perdeu peso e adorou a ração.


A mi perra le encanta


Buen pienso con productos naturales y de proximidad. Algo caro pero aprovechando algún descuento sale bien. Me hubiera gustado recibir algún snack de regalo con el saco de pienso.

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