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JTPharma for dogs

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  • Published by Niina on 11/09/2023

    I have used this product for 2 years for my 6 year old cat with good results. The bad smell disappeared almost immediately. Over time the anal glands do not fill as much as they used to. I have only added a very small amount to my cats wet food daily, it has helped.

  • Published by Sandra on 11/06/2023

    My wee 10kg. French Bulldog suffer from Sliding hiatal hernia,Mild reflux,
    We are after Boas surgery really struggling with recovery,a lot regurgitation, tried few different expensive medicine what the vets prescribed but it wasn't work fully,and it ends with plenty reverse sneeze and sickness plus regurgitation..So I did research and find this product (liquid),and decided to try,
    Omg only afternoon before dinner,makes an amazing results.
    Usually we have problems during walks exercise or at night.
    Now the things change,we can walk without Regurgitation,it makes our life much better!
    Highly recommend!
    We still using,and the dog easy lick it from a spoon.

    Love the product,life saver!

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