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Hobbit-Alf for dogs

Hobbit-Alf for dogs

Since the company was founded in 1994 in Barcelona , has been increasing its experience in developing natural products dry as well as the latest trends for dogs, cats and rodents. 

All Hobbit.alf products are of high quality , exposing them to rigorous quality control and accepting them to the channel only human . Our products are in the best pet shops and garden centers specialized in Spain and Europe.

Our meat and bone products are 100% natural dehydrated , contain no artificial colors or preservatives. All chews are good for your dog 's teeth , chewing these delicious snacks your dog's teeth are always clean.

In addition to the full range of natural products for dogs, Hobbitalf also offers an assortment of snacks like cookies and semi humid , as well as a range of natural dried fruits (apple and carrot ) to rodents and larger birds.


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