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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

From now on eating gives your dog clean teeth. The Oral hygiene is important for the health of our dogs. To promote dental hygiene we should monitor if our dogs chew the food, play with dental toys and it is a good idea to offer a bone or snack at least weekly for this purpose. Greenies offer bone shaped toothbrushes with some toughness for cleaning and preventing tartar. Important to choose propergreenie size proportional to the size and weight of your dog.

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Greenies Minipack Teenies (14uds)


Order 2 units, don't run out of it

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Features Greenies Minipack Teenies (14uds)

  • Reference5010394982122
  • BrandGreenies
  • Weight112 GR
  • AgeNot Specific
  • Snacks ShapeToothbrush
  • Dog SizeSmall
  • Units14
  • SizeS

Description Greenies Minipack Teenies (14uds)

Greenies Minipack 14 Teenies Usage Tips
Giv din hund en knogle Greenies ™ dental dag. Ikke egnet til hunde under 2 kg. eller mindre end 6 meses.Con én Greenies ™ dental knogle dag vil du tage din hund en komplet pleje af din tandsundhed mellem regelmæssige eftersyn og rengøring på sin rette størrelse clínicaElige nye Greenies ™ dental knogle til din hund. Knoglerne er for lille i forhold til hans kæbe vil ikke give fordele, når tygge og de er for store, du kan give kalorier nødvendige.

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