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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Mostly periodontal disease affects dogs with lack of daily oral hygiene. The signs are tartar and plaque on teeth, inflammation of the gums and halitosis. Periodontal disease can lead to loss of teeth, chewing due to pain problems and is a focus on infection that can be moved to other parts of the body. It's necessary to take care of our pet dental hygiene to avoid having problems that can affect its quality of life and Greenies is a very effective method.

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Greenies Minipack Large (3ps)

Give your dog one dental bone Greenies ™ every day. With a single dental bone Greenies ™ a day you will give your dog a complete dental care by reducing tartar up to 60%, bacterial plaque up to 30% and bad breath .Greenies ™ is ...


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Ingredients Greenies Minipack Large (3ps)

Cereal, sub-products of vegetable origin, extracts of vegetable proteins, meat and animal by-products, fruits, minerals, seeds, oils and fats.

Colorants. Vitamin A (7529IU/kg), Vitamin D3 (1543IU/kg), amino acid chelated cupric hydrate (117mg/kg), amino acid chelate ferric hydrate (386mg/kg), manganese amino acid chelate, hydrate (92.6mg/kg) , potassium iodide (2.8mg/kg) amino acid zinc chelate hydrate (1278mg/kg).

Protein 36.2%
Fat content 5.3%
Inorganic matter 4.9%
Crude fiber 5.0%
Energy 319 kcal/100g

Features Greenies Minipack Large (3ps)

  • Reduces Tartar and Plaque

  • Easily Digestible

  • Complete Nutrition

  • Manages Bad Breath

  • Reference5010394982023
  • BrandGreenies
  • Weight135 GR
  • AgeNot Specific
  • Dog SizeMaxi, Giant
  • Units3 Sticks
  • Snacks Shape

Description Greenies Minipack Large (3ps)

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oh... habe soeben gesehen, dass sie nun plötzlich viel billiger geworden sind.... Das ist schon eher zu aktzeptieren....


Leider bekommt man die Greenies anscheinend nicht mehr in Deutschland und ich habe nicht aufgepasst beim Bestellen, weil ich nur froh war das gliebte Kauteil für meine 4 Hunde zu bekommen - aber der Preis ist einfach zu hoch - ich werde vielleicht wieder an Weihnachten 2014 bestellen.. :-)


Geniales! mi perra ha cumplido tres años y la veterinaria nos dijo que aún no tiene sarro en los dientes, lo de los greenies funciona