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Collar for dogs

Collar for dogs

The company COLLAR® was established in 1995. The main directions of the work were the production of accouterments and wholesale of pet goods. This company is one of the first in Ukraine that began to fulfill the service facilities for the customers, free delivery, wide range of goods, low prices, and to give special commercial equipment and a complex of other services which allow to raise the profitability and success of the pet shop client. With the help of innovation approach the company was the first among Ukrainian producers that could arrange the production of wood filler SuperCat®, nylon accouterments DOGextreme® and other exclusive goods. Constant tendency to move ahead and longing for producing goods of the highest quality has led to the appearance of the new accouterments series of premium class - CoLLaR® Glamour and CoLLaR® SOFT.
Following it`s motto – “COLLAR – Innovation Only”, company has developed and introduced to the market unique product – LED light for marine and freshwater aquariums AquaLighter®. Company’s other novelty – unique dog training device PULLER® gains more and more popularity. It has even led to appearance of a new dog sport – DOG PULLER. Company already owns more than 20 patents for this product in different countries. 
The company has its own research and design section, which helps to produce new goods for the market, possessing grave competitive advantages. Goods are in popular steady demand in many countries of Europe, Asia and the USA.
In a current 2013 250 employees work for the company. The whole area of the offices, warehouses, and industrial placements makes up about 3000m2.


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