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By Marie K.

Marie K.

This is an excellent product to play with for dogs and their owners! This boomerang gives you the opportunity to play with your dog; throw it and the dog will run after catching it. In this way you ensure your dog activity and at the same time you are having fun!  Teaching your dog to be obedient is best taught through having fun at the same time!

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Chomper Tossin Treats Boomerang

Chomper presents a series of toys for your pet to enjoy playing and have some fun. These toys will keep your cat in shape and help to stay healthy.

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Features Chomper Tossin Treats Boomerang

  • Reference859205002063
  • BrandChomper
  • ColorsGreen, Pink
  • MaterialsPlastic

Description Chomper Tossin Treats Boomerang

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Es un juguete muy apropoiado para perros que necesiten mucha actividad, tambien muy util para el aprendizaje de mi perro