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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Our puppies explore things when they are small by biting things. Sincé we don´t want them to bite our hands or other things in the house, and we don´t want them to hurt their puppy teeth, our soft toys are perfect for them! Our soft toys are perfect especially when they are loosing their milk teeth and getting new ones. Changing teeth and getting new ones can be a bit annoying for the dog but with our soft teddys and a range of other soft toys you never have to worry about the dog hurting him or herself. It´s also fun to teach them that they are allowed to bite the soft toys but not our hands!

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Chomper Squeaker for puppies (Mono)

Chomper presents a series of toys for your pet to enjoy playing and have some fun. These toys will keep your cat in shape and help to stay healthy.

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Make your pet happy with one of these products!

  • Calcium Bone 22 cm

    Apetitus Calcium Bone 22 cm

  • Ox Nerves 4 Units 12 cm

    Apetitus Ox Nerves 4 Units 12 cm

  • Dental Sticks 2 in 1 600 GR

    Apetitus Dental Sticks 2 in 1 600 GR

    122kr. 30kr.
  • Natural Ham Bone for Dogs 380 GR

    Apetitus Natural Ham Bone for Dogs 380 GR

    22kr. 10kr.

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Molto resistente, tutt'ora il gioco preferito della mia Jack Russell, ci sta giocando anche in questo momento :)