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Dental Hygiene for Cats

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Oral hygiene for cats

The love that you have for your pets is demonstrated by the care and protection you give your health and welfare. Your cat, the silent partner and who loves being pampered, requires a comprehensive hygiene to ensure their health and oral hygiene reflects the care and attention that brindes your feline friend.

In we have many products for grooming, health and beauty of cats !

The mouth is prone to the spread of bacteria zone. In the category of oral hygiene for cats, you can find and buy products for complete oral hygiene of your cat, to avoid any condition and also provide fresh breath all day.

Oral cleaning cat

Here you will find a wide variety of cat toothpaste, dental sprays for cats and special liquids for cleaning teeth and gums cat.

Some of these products can add to water the cat to act consistently and prevent plaque, tartar and bad breath.

The accumulation of food in the teeth of cats opens the way for the emergence of dental plaque, causing diseases such as bad breath and tartar buildup on teeth. The active agents of the products you can find in act effectively in the mouth of the cat, giving it a fresh and healthy breath.

Sprays dental cat

Innovative and effective if it is liquid, dental sprays for cats are an example of this.

Dental cat sprays are applied once a day on the animal's teeth, without brushing or rinsing. Passing his tongue over his teeth, the cat will support the diffusion of the product. The advantage is that it can be used since they are smaller.

These dental sprays for cats, like toothpaste for cats, are able to act against conditions that can cause the accumulation of food between the teeth of the cat.

Another of the problems that prevent dental sprays for cats and cat toothpaste is bad breath. Thanks to its antibacterial components act against this evil odor at the time of application, and hours after it.

Brands of oral hygiene for cats

Hygiene is proof of love you feel for your pet do not forget it! Among the major brands you'll find here they are: Arm & Hammer , Beaphar , Biogance , Chadog , Stanvet , VetNova , Virbac , Vitacoat .