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Cleaning & Disinfection for Cats

Cleaning & Disinfection for Cats

All products of cleaning & disinfection for cats

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Cleaning and disinfection cat

Having a pet involves not only care, but includes the constant cleaning of the space where the live animal. Many company owners love to have as a cat, but could cause you any allergies. Through cleaning of spaces you can prevent both diseases in animals and family members.

Seek and in the most effective disinfection products for cleaning cats, which allow you to keep them happy, clean and healthy!

In cleaning and disinfection category mops you will find disinfectants for cats with high disinfecting power specially formulated with components that reduce the impacts to family members who suffer from allergies to our feline friends.

In addition disinfectant floor cleaner for cats, fresheners for cats , and disinfectant wipes cats of various scents to disinfect also the spaces, proportions also have a nice aroma.

The high disinfecting power of these products for disinfection cleaning cat is made for the control of microorganisms and substances that cause odors. They also have high degreasing power for maximum cleaning power.

Fregasuelos sanitizers cats

Protect your family and your pet with disinfectant floor cleaner cat! Its neutral PH care of your skin and your pet. When cleaning, its molecules are irrigated in the environment and looking up particles that follows the cat and cause allergies. When contacting these agents, killing surrounds them. Thus, the soil and the environment are clean and free of agents that cause allergies in your family members.

Disinfectant wipes for cats

Disinfectant wipes for cats neutralize odor agents, and in turn clean, cool, and maintain beautiful coat of the pet. Enjoy your delicate and pleasant scent also repels mosquitoes.

These disinfectant wipes for cats are ideal for partial cleaning of the cat. Protect your sensitive areas like ears, abdomen or face.