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Balls for Cats

Balls for Cats

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Balls for cats

Cats are very playful animals, it is part of his nature to be attracted to moving objects. Therefore one of the most traditional items for cats are balls for cats. offers you a wide variety of these games.

Like any article for pets, cat toy balls have their functionality, as you are well entertain your cat, also help to strengthen their physical abilities.

In our online catalog you can find a wide variety of cat toy balls, which vary in size, and the material from which they are made.

Rubber balls for cats

In the balls you can find in are rubber balls for cats. For the type of material in which they are produced, bounce reaching considerable heights, therefore, this type of toy is ideal for developing highly functional to strengthen its ability to climb physical abilities of your cat, like the jump.

Rubber balls for cats are also practical because they allow the animal to release some anxiety or stress. Being rubber, they are an excellent choice for your feline the tear and bite without getting any damage or nails, or their teeth.

Rattle balls with cat

Another alternative you can find in our online catalog are balls with rattle cat, this type of entertainment products arouse interest in your pet to join the game, this noise emitted falling.

With rattle balls cat cats are used in low age who are in full training and not yet feel the confidence to pursue an object, these will arouse interest and invite you to join the game.

Balls with rattle cat are also practical for very sedentary cats that either by excess weight or laziness are not attracted by the movement, so the sound is an additional element that surely will make your cat feel interest after them.

Plastic balls for cats

Unlike rubber balls, the plastic balls for cats do not offer the option of bounce, so they are not functional for this type of physical activity, such balls are used to entertain your cat, either through game persecution, so they are very useful to test their running speed.

Some brands of balls you can find in our online pet store are: Arquivet , Catit , Classic For Pets , Freedog , Kong , Trixie , Vitakraft , among other Visit us and select the most functional for your feline friend!