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Marie K.

 Purina formula presented OPTIRENAL Proplan Adult with formula with amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants to support the work of the kidneys and your entire urinary system. Please remember the importance of facilitating access to fresh, clean water every day, this will bring benefits to prevent disruption to urinate. You can find it also in salmon and rice variety.

Pro Plan Adult Chicken and Rice

Pro Plan Adult Rich in Chicken and rice cat food: for cats up to 7 years of age. With chicken & rice, and with Natural Feline Protection and the OptiRenal nutrient mixture for optimal kidney health.DescriptionOptiRenal has been proven to improve ...


  • 1,5 Kg 131kr. 87kr./KG
  • 3 Kg 307kr. 102kr./KG
  • 10 KG 459kr. 46kr./KG

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 131kr. 131kr./unit
  • x2 -3kr. 259kr. 128kr. last unit
  • x3 -4kr. 389kr. 127kr. last unit
  • x5 -7kr. 648kr. 124kr. last unit
  • x1 307kr. 307kr./unit
  • x2 -6kr. 608kr. 301kr. last unit
  • x3 -9kr. 912kr. 298kr. last unit
  • x5 -15kr. 1.520kr. 292kr. last unit
  • x1 459kr. 459kr./unit
  • x2 -9kr. 909kr. 450kr. last unit
  • x3 -14kr. 1.363kr. 445kr. last unit
  • x5 -23kr. 2.272kr. 436kr. last unit

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Features Pro Plan Adult Chicken and Rice

  • Reference7613036505987
  • Weight3 Kg, 400 GR, 10 KG, 1,5 Kg
  • BrandPro Plan
  • AgeAdult, Senior
  • FlavorChicken
  • Special CaresRenal Problems
  • Made inItaly, France
  • Product RangePro Plan original adult
  • ManufacturerPro Plan,ESP 08300105,AFFINITY PETCARE S.A. Plaça Europa, 54-56, 08902 Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)
  • Condiciones Nutricionales
  • Nutritional Conditions
  • Gusto
  • Producido en,

Description Pro Plan Adult Chicken and Rice

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Dog loves this product


Lo comen sin problema y estn sanos (salvo Clon, no es para ella), as que yo encantada.




Le gusta y no coge mucho peso

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