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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Purina Gourmet offers a variety of ingredients sliced in can so you can see the main ingredient and high quality.Gourmet Perle offers great variety of products you will be surprised and your cat will love it. Taste is as good as it looks like.

The wet food for cats is important for their hydration. Please remember that in order to prevent disorders of the urinary system, cat should have easy access to fresh, clean water every day. But wet food is recommended only to supplement the dry food, wet food should not be the main source of food of course there are some exceptions.

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Pack 12 Gourmet Veal / Fillet / Beef / Trout (multipack)


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Features Pack 12 Gourmet Veal / Fillet / Beef / Trout (multipack)

  • Reference7613031490776
  • Weight340 GR
  • Product RangeGourmet Perle
  • BrandGourmet
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorFish, Ox
  • Format
  • ManufacturerGourmet,ES 13078,Nestle España, S.A Calle Clara Campoamor 2 - 8950, Esplugues De Llobregat

Description Pack 12 Gourmet Veal / Fillet / Beef / Trout (multipack)

Cat food made with selected beef strips that pamper the palate of the most demanding. A delicious variety meat in a large assortment to elegir.Consienta your cat with this exquisite range of Gourmet Perle prepared from quality ingredients and unique recipes. Your cat will enjoy every bite full of flavor and some thin strips of beef that will make mealtime irresistible moment. Thanks to the practical bags 85 g your cat will enjoy an always fresh and ready food on your plate.

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