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Training Aids for Cats

Training Aids for Cats

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When taking care of a cat you will find out that you need to train them for a pleasant and enjoyable cohabitation. It’s just not about teaching them where to relieve themselves, but it’s also about training your cat so that they don’t scratch or bite your furniture. To reach this goal, you can check out our online shop for pets, and you will find all the products you need for training your pet.

Cat attract products

Cat owners can share advice for training cats. However, each of them has their own experience and of course, each cat, just like humans, has its own personality, so they’re not an exact science.  Yet, we offer you products that will help you train your pet.

Among these you can find cat attract products. These are sprays or essences that you can use on litter boxes so that they use that as a point of reference when relieving themselves. This is one of the most difficult learning phases, but these products will simplify the task for you.

Cat repellent products

Since we talked about cat attract products, we think that cat repellent are worth mentioning too. Brands such as Arquivet, Beaphar or Novopet have studied cat sense of smell and have created on this purpose, sprays and serums to apply on spots you don’t want your cats to relieve themselves on. This is actually one of the most difficult learning phases, but the products we mentioned will simplify the task.

These products are to be applied to the spots we want to protect from our cats’ attacks, and they will prevent your cats from getting near them while also having the  benefit of protecting their nails and teeth.  However some cats can be stubborn, in cases like these, we offer you special muzzles. As to these, we feature different sizes according to your pets’ size.

Interactive toys for cats

Cats are extremely smart animals and with a little patience and the aid of some of the mentioned products and you will see the results you’re looking for. The best way of training your cat is interacting with them with challenging toys that will give them little treats when they well behave.

There are cat toys that will give your cats snacks once they understand how they work. This concept can also be carried out with clickers for cats: these are simple accessories  that make your cats understand, through specific sounds,  that they behaved properly and that they are going to be rewarded.


Change in cat behaviour

Domestic cats are used to staying home and seldom go outdoors. Any change in the environment affects them and can cause them to be stressed.  For instance, stressful moments for cats could be determined by trips, moves or while going to the vet.

This is a kind of behaviour that in the beginning are difficult to manage with a plain training activity. It is for this reason that we offer goods proposed by cat product brands such as Feeliway or Trixie. We’re talking about sprays that you can apply on their carrier for them to travel in a relaxed mood, or on destination places, such a new house or the one of a person you’re visiting. By spraying these products on furniture pieces or different spots of an environment, your cat is going to feel much more relaxed. As to their smell, it is perceived only by cats, as humans don’t have such a developed sense of smell to sense it.

Vetoquinol provides you with another useful remedy you can count on. The brand has invested on pet’s health and has managed to create an internal solution to reduce stress in cats in specific situations. For instance, if we decide to adopt another pet or you are expecting a baby, or on planned occasions like a family reunion which will take place at your house. Their house.

The best idea would be administrating them these solutions by adding them on biscuits or pate, so that our cats don’t feel nervous.

To conclude, cats are animals which can hardly be tamed, yet they are highly smart and intelligent, so training them shouldn’t be an excessively difficult task. With patience and dedication, and the aid of the products we offer on, you will manage to educate them in the best manner.