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Perches for birds and bats

When we have a bird at home it is of utmost importance to offer you all the attention it deserves, because it is a really delicate pet that needs special care. There are some aspects, such as hygiene, health, entertainment or comfort, we can not ignore.

Comfort is a very important factor in birds, because if these animals can not rest as they should, may be suffering periods of stress. To prevent such incidents, acquires perches for birds and bats we offer you in and gives your pet welfare and health you deserve.
On our website online we offer a wide range of perches for birds and accessories for birds . Get the one that best suits the characteristics and needs of your pet.

Accessories hangers and sticks

When you have a pet bird is vital to equip all its cage with perches for birds and bats to birds needed to, that way, to recreate a similar to their natural habitat.

One of the essential decorative elements in all cage birds are the perches, as are the accessory which can lean on and rest for long periods of time. Note that the material of the hangers must be ergonomic and comfortable, because, otherwise, it can be compromised to some extent, the health of your bird.

Usually hangers are included in that most are plastic cages, as they are easy to clean, however do not contribute to the maintenance or the peak of the bird's legs.

We also offer hangers calcium lime (known as hangers sandpaper), which allow the bird to sharpen its beak and polish your nails, and wooden hangers, which provide a natural habitat aspect of your bird.

In our online catalog you can also find cotton hangers. They are characterized by being made with an easy material to mold and adapt to the cages, as well as a smooth surface, harmless to nail the bird.

Providing your pet bird perches is very important, as these accessories, plus a distracter, also pose a preventive agent of disease in birds. The grip strength, and develop security in their claws to rely on bird perches is vital for their welfare.

Original brands on hangers and sticks to birds

When we buy items of comfort for our bird it is very important that we choose those that ensure greater quality and durability. In this way, we will have a hanger to provide the precise bird rest for his claw, to avoid any kind of illness or disability. In our online catalog you can see the variety of brands that offer this type of accessories for cages and buy that which best meets your preferences.


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